27 February 2012

Motivation (Or Lack Thereof) Monday

Well, it's been awhile since I updated my blog.  A lot longer than I had anticipated.  It's amazing how "the real world" can impede on your genealogy fun! Vacations of a co-worker (but she brought back chocolate covered macadamia nuts!) and the boss man and a "bug" that I just could NOT fully shake.  I also had to replace my desktop computer. Boy that was interesting as the last time I did this was in 2005. Didn't have a lot to transfer back then.  Couldn't say the same this time! So most everything transferred...I think :) Had to get another monitor.  I was able to get a duplicate of my current monitor so I now have dual monitors at home and at work!  See....

Still a mess BUT getting better!! I found a box of computer related booklets from my few computers.  Including a manual on Microsoft MS-DOS!! And my tyrant of a home office manager was carefully monitoring my progress from his purview ...........

Cody the Home Office Manager has informed me I have a busy March coming up with genealogy society meetings, research and more cemetery pictures.  Guess I better get busy then!!!

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