25 February 2013

Au Sable Forks Basketball Team 1921-22

Life has been crazy since the start of the year (and before!!) but I am slowly getting back to my scanning project.

Here is a front and back of the 1921-22 Au Sable Forks High School Basketball team that my maternal grandfather, Ernest "Red" Senecal, played on.  I love labeled photos!!

1921-22 A.F.H.S. Basket Ball team

Chauncey Kinney   R.F.
Ernest J. Senecal   L.F.
Louis Robare   C
Clarence Votrow   (Votraw)   R.G.
Caralyle Hoyt   L.G.
Paul Ormsby   Sub.

I only know that Grandpa Red is on the last row to the left of the coach.  Not sure what happened to the rest of the team.

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