17 October 2013

Senecal - Yelle Wedding 17 October 1899

I remember seeing (or thought I had!) my maternal great grandparents marriage certificate at some point during one of my many moves but I could not find it in all my "stuff" and boxes.  Then while going thru old newspapers and advertisements yesterday I FOUND IT!!

The marriage between Master Jean Baptiste Senecal and Miss Georgina Yelle on October 17, 1899 at Notre Dame de L'Assumption Church in Redford, Clinton County, New York.  The witnesses were Henry Senecal and Irene Yelle, siblings of the bride and groom.

John Senecal-Georgiana Yelle Marriage Certificate
In possession of the Blog Mistress
Jean Baptiste or John Senecal (1872-1952) and Georgiana Yelle Senecal (1876-1946) had four children, Jean Baptiste/John Senecal (1903-1903), Ernest John Senecal (1905-1967), Raymond Octave Senecal (1908-1976) and Doris Senecal Votraw (1909-1981).

I have to laugh as the scan shows the notary seal in the upper left hand corner.  It is still as visible and textured as my notary seal is today!

As I have lots of unlabeled photos, I have few documents let alone originals.  So I am doing a little "genealogy jig" right now!!

Happy Anniversary to my great grandparents!!

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  1. Congratulations on your find, I have a Valentine anniversary and hope to get a document or certificate in historic style, not just the license!