03 October 2014

Heartless Husband - 1914 Style

For today's Newspaper Nugget we have a candidate for Husband of the Year!

Plattsburgh Daily Press
October 3, 1914

Sold Furniture and Allowed Wife to go to Poor House



     Joseph LaBombard, who has spend much of his time during the past few years in the county jail for public intoxication and whose recent acts have stamped him as absolutely heartless, was yesterday sentenced by City Judge Barnard to the Albany Penitentiary for a period of sixty days.
     LaBombard is an able-bodied man, fit to perform any kind of labor, yet spends all of his time drinking booze, which he pays for with money begged from persons on the streets. A few days ago he sold what little furniture there was in his home, and his wife, who is an invalid, was obliged to go to a neighbor's for a place to sleep. This matter was brought to the attention of Commissioner of Charities Utting and he made a thorough investigation of the case. The commissioner and Humane Officer Hennessey then brought the matter before the city court and the same day LaBombard was picked up by a police officer on a charge of begging.
     When brought into court yesterday forenoon, LaBombard made a number of excuses for his conduct and offered any number of promises for the future in his effort to escape the ride to Albany, but Judge Barnard had heard the same excuses and promises on several previous occasions and paid no attention to them but imposed the sentence of two months in the "pen" and the worthless specimen of manhood was led back to jail to prepare for his unwilling trip down the road.

I laughed when I first read this! The last part "and the worthless specimen of manhood was led back to jail to prepare for his unwilling trip down the road" had me rolling! In today's politically correct media this would never fly but it is so fun to read!!

The city in question is Plattsburgh, Clinton County, New York. I did a quick search to see what happened to Joseph but unfortunately it is a common name in the northern New York area and without knowing a few more details, I was unable to narrow him down.

I hope he learned his lesson and straightened out his life!!

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