22 February 2016

Believing in Miracles - 22 February 1980

Yes, I am still here!! 

But that's not the miracle I am referring to at the moment. It's been 36 years since the "Miracle on Ice" aka the US Men's Hockey Team defeats the USSR's Men's Hockey Team. 

I still remember that night. It was a Friday and I got to go to the local roller skating rink on Old Trolley Road in Summerville, SC (think it was Hot Wheels??). Which is ironic since I only skated a few times, the last time was cracking my wrist. Never skated again but still a great place to hang out! Mom picked me up and when we got home the game was still on. The third period was about to start and the Soviets were winning.  I didn't really follow hockey at the time but my father was really into the game as was my mother so I stayed up and watched. We were a very happy family by the end of the game!!

My paternal grandmother sent us the Plattsburgh Press-Republican at the time which included inserts during the Olympics. Below are the pages of the win!!

Great memories!!

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