26 November 2017

Thanksgiving 1967

I know where my parents were 50 years for Thanksgiving. At home in Jay and Au Sable Forks, New York. And below is the photo! It is of my father and grandfather with the buck my father bagged. Not the greatest photo but still a good photo!

David and Thomas Coughlin
November 1967
Jay, New York
And let's not forget the newspaper accounts:

Adirondack Record-Post
Au Sable Forks, NY
December 7, 1967

Mr. Thomas Coughlin was a lucky man. While home form his naval base on furlough he had the good fortune to shoot a fine buck. It was his first. His dad Mr. David Coughlin was with him.

Adirondack Record-Post
Au Sable Forks, NY
November 30, 1967

Tom Coughlin, who is home on leave, shot a 150-pound buck on Palmer Hill on Tuesday morning. In the party besides Tom were Dave Coughlin and Ned Hoey.

I am thinking that my grandmother, Helen Torrance Coughlin, wrote the second one and her aunt, Margaret Madden wrote the first. Grandma loved details!!!

Now I know the story of the deer head that I swore stared at me in the hallway at night 😁

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