09 November 2011

Website Wednesday

I'm not sure if that's a daily blogging prompt but it is for me today!

I am totally and I do mean TOTALLY in love with today's website.  What is it? It is the "Northern New York Historical Newspapers" at news.nnyln.net  It is part of the Northern New York Library Network (www.nnyln.org).  It has newspapers for the following counties:  Clinton, Essex, Franklin, St Lawrence, Jefferson, Lewis and Oswego.

You can search the entire county or a particular newspaper.  You can also review the newspapers by years. Some images are better than others but the information is there.

I am a child of suburbia. I make no bones about it.  Reading these papers has given me an insight of life in a small rural area.  The weather, the gossip.  You find out where the parties were and who was there. Who was arrested. Who went where on their vacations.  One of my favorites are the "visits".  Who went from one small town to another and who they saw.  I have found out who was at my mother's 9th birthday party!!

Another thing I do appreciate about the older newspapers in particular are the unapologetic biased opinions of the writers and editors.  It was not the political correctness that is now taken the fun of some things.  Today if there is a crime it is always the "alleged thief".  Not back then. No, it was the "thief" no alleging there!

What has been absolutely helpful are the notes and updates from ALL the small towns and villages.  Not only have I found birth announcements and death notices but found out when a family member has moved or started a new job or gone to visit relatives.  Each town had their own correspondent so to speak.  Some were better than others.  Some would let you know when one of their townsfolk went to another town for a relative's funeral or illness that the other town didn't mention.  I'll take clues wherever can I find them!

My step paternal grandmother, Helen (Torrance) Coughlin, was the correspondent for the town of Jay during the 1960's and 1970's.  Definitely finding lots of information in her updates!!

If you haven't checked out the website and have relatives in Northern New York aka the North Country, take a moment and do so.  You too will fall in love with this FREE website!!!

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  1. Thanks for the link, I don't remember seeing this site before, I am off to snoop around! YIPEEE