10 November 2011

Happy Veterans Day To All

The GOLDMINE has struck again!! Not only I have found pictures of my maternal grandfather, Ernest John Senecal, during his World War II Army service BUT found a couple of books about his division. AND his Enlisted Record and Report of Separation Honorable Discharge form signed and recorded in Clinton County, New York.

"Red" served in the Army, 94th Infantry, 301st Field Artillery Battalion, Company C.  He left as a Tech Corporal.  His MOS was Cook.  Mom always he was a better cook than Grandma!!

In my "Goldmine" there were several division history books with pictures, names and addresses of all the men.  I am really looking forward to researching this division.

And here is the card issued by the Office of Clinton County Clerk showing an Honorable Discharge has been recorded.

I grew up in a military family in a military town so I was always aware of service members and what they meant to our country and to families.  It is going to be another journey to investigate this chapter of my grandfather's life that I knew existed but just didn't know much about it.  Can't wait!!!

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