03 January 2012

Phone Love

I had to get a new phone so after much thought and research, I decided on an Android phone. So I got a Samsung Stratsophere. So far so good!! My last phone was a Windows based "smart phone" that really had no good apps. Now I'm making up for lost time!! The Kindle app came on the phone. I've added Find-A-Grave (beta) (Android Market Link), Legacy Family Tree's Families (Android Market Link) as well as a few others.

So far I've downloaded a few of Nancy Hendrickson's books (Ancestor News) and Amy Coffin's new book (The We Tree Genealogy Blog) on the phone and have read them on my commute. Looking forward to reading more genealogy books on my phone in the coming year!

I've already had to use the Families app to check a few dates quickly. It was so nice to whip out the phone and watch my co-workers and friends laugh at me. Laugh away people but I have the satisfication of getting the dates RIGHT!!!

Legacy Family Tree will be having a webinar on April 12, 2012 by Malcolm Green entitled: "Genealogy on the Go - the Families app for your Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad". To register, go to Webinar Registration. If you haven't attended a webinar, I HIGHLY encourage you to do so soon!!

And now, Jill Ball of Geniaus fame has started another blog called Android Genealogy: Android News for Genealogists. I look forward to seeing what this Aussie has in store for us!!

Well, that's about as "techie" as I get!! One day I'll catch up with all my retired friends and tech toys until then, off to work I go!!


  1. Denise, I'd love to hear how you find reading ebooks on your Android. What size screen does your device have?

    Thanks for the mention.

  2. Hi Jill! My phone dimensions are 4.96"x2.54"x.55" (126x65x14mm) in other words...SMALL :) But I use it while commuting in Metro DC especially when I have to stand. Eventually I'd love to get an Android tablet but that's on the dream list at the moment!!