03 January 2012

2012 - Goals, Hopes & Reality

Well, 2012 is here....whether we are ready for it or not!! 

I really didn't have too many goals for 2011.  I had hoped to blog at least twice a month.  Didn't happen.  Life, work and "things" kept getting in the way.  While I wish I could control these items, I know I can't but can come up with several alternatives to Plans A and B.

Lesson Learned:  PLAN PLAN PLAN

I was able to go to the NGS Conference in my hometown of Charleston, SC in May. That was great!! I wasn't really able to take advantage of all the social aspects of a conference BUT I was able to see my best friends and attend my nephew's 1st birthday party.

Lesson Learned:  Enjoy the family that is here today.  And "family" doesn't always mean blood!!

Now for 2012 or as I like to call it, the Year of KISS. Not the rock group but that wonderful acronym "Keep It Short & Simple/Sweet" !!
  • BLOG:  Try to blog at least 2-3 times a month. 
  • BLOG:  Fine tune it the way I want.  
  • ORGANIZATION:  I have been in the "gathering" mood for years now.  Time to take stock of what I have and I still need to get. THIS WILL BE MY MAJOR FOCUS THIS YEAR!!
  • SCANNING:  I really want to step up on this goal in this KISS year.  
  • SOCIETIES:  I belong to 2 local societies and 1 mail away society as well as NGS.  I plan to attend as many of the remaining meetings as possible.  Even though the local meetings are local focused topics for the most part, I am enjoying the fellowship of fellow genealogy addicts lovers and picking up a tip or two on my research areas.
  • CEMETERY PHOTOS: I have taken quite a few local photos over the past year.  I need to continue posting to Find-A-Grave as well as few other sites I have just discovered.  None of my family is from this area so hopefully someone will be able to benefit from the postings.
And that's all I will commit to (in writing) for this year (unless I win the lottery then I'll start taking trips and DNA tests and....now to start playing!).  

Happy Genealogy New Year Ya'll!!!


  1. Organizing and scanning. Boy or , do I need to do that, too. And I completely forgot to add that to my Goals for 2012 post. Freudian slip? Maybe!

  2. Okay, so I can't type. That was supposed to be "Boy oh boy" not "Boy or ". Sheesh.

  3. Don't worry Joan...I'm having one of those days too!! I'm going to post a picture of my "mess" and you'll see my hurdle...