07 June 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy AND Aunt Betty

Today would have been the joint birthday of my father, Thomas Raymond Coughlin (1944-1998) and my aunt, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Coughlin Braunstein (1940-2004).

I always told Aunt Betty she should have asked for another present!! My father did not always remember dates (multiple stories about that!!) and one year I asked him if he had called Aunt Betty for her birthday.  He gave me the blank look and said "Oh yea that's today".  Bless his little heart :)

Here is a photo of Aunt Betty and me in the late 1960's at Santa's Workshop, North Pole, Essex County, New York:

Here are a few of my father:

Me and Daddy late 1960's

Dad washing 1948 Plymouth in 1986

Happy Birthday Daddy and Aunt Betty!!

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