04 June 2012

Newspaper Nugget

I have confessed my love for the Northern New York Historical Newspapers in Website Wednesday.  That love has not diminished but has increased by leaps and bounds!! Not only am I finding information about my family but what was going on in their times.  I also love the difference in writing--not so politically correct!!

So when I see something interesting (or at least I think is interesting) I will post it under my new category "Newspaper Nugget".

In honor of my father's Navy career (but not a Seabee) and for his friends (many of whom were Seabees), here is my first one that I noticed in the June 4, 1942 edition of The Record-Post, Au Sable Forks, New York:

Seabees Chosen Name For New Naval Unit

"Seabees" is the new name chosen to designate the new Naval Construction Regiments, the Navy Department announced recently.  With the name an insignia has been adopted-a flying bee, fighting mad.  On its head it sports a sailor hat.  In its forehand or leg it clutches a spitting "Tommy gun;" in its amidship hand, a wrench, and in its aft hand, a carpenter's hammer.

For more information on the Seabees check out U. S. Naval Construction Force.  Go Navy!!

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