04 October 2012

Pets & Families

Today is the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi and World Animal Day.  I have been accused (and rightly so) of  taking more photos of animals than people.  Going through old family photos, I found that taking photos of animals runs in the family!!

Here's what I found:

My grandfather, Ernest Senecal, with Polly the dog

My grandfather, Ernest Senecal, with Blondie

My mother, Sharyn Senecal Coughlin's cat Fatso est 1950's

And one of my favorites, me and Bippy the cat.  My father found Bippy outside a bar shortly after I was born and brought him home.  Since Bippy and I grew up together, I could do ANYTHING to him per my parents and he would let me. Loyalty and trust.  I think more humans should adopt that attitude these days!!

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