01 October 2012

2012-Fourth Quarter Goals and Status

Well, today is the first day of the fourth quarter of 2012. This year has gone by FAST!! Time to review my 2012 goals and see where I stand.

At the beginning of the Year of KISS (2012 Goals Hopes Reality), I had a few items I wanted to work on:

  • BLOG:  Try to blog at least 2-3 times a month. 

  • Didn't get to do this as I had hoped BUT have blogged more than I did the year before :)

  • BLOG:  Fine tune it the way I want.  

  • Still working on that but have started.

  • ORGANIZATION:  I have been in the "gathering" mood for years now.  Time to take stock of what I have and I still need to get. THIS WILL BE MY MAJOR FOCUS THIS YEAR!!

  • Well still the MAJOR FOCUS but have not made the headway that I had hoped to by this point.  It's amazing how the "real world" can interfere with the pursuit of genealogy!!!

  • SCANNING:  I really want to step up on this goal in this KISS year.  

  • I have made process here.  I have also attended Scanfest (hosted by AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors) in August and September.  This has really made me focus on this task if only for one Sunday afternoon a month!! Thank you Miriam for hosting!!!

  • SOCIETIES:  I belong to 2 local societies and 1 mail away society as well as NGS.  I plan to attend as many of the remaining meetings as possible.  Even though the local meetings are local focused topics for the most part, I am enjoying the fellowship of fellow genealogy addicts lovers and picking up a tip or two on my research areas.

  • I did make most of the Frederick County Genealogical Society meetings.  I really enjoy this group as they are so friendly and nice and helpful.  Trust me, I don't make the 30 mile journey just for anyone :)

  • CEMETERY PHOTOS: I have taken quite a few local photos over the past year.  I need to continue posting to Find-A-Grave as well as few other sites I have just discovered.  None of my family is from this area so hopefully someone will be able to benefit from the postings.

  • I am still taking pictures and travelling to various cemeteries.  I have been able to fulfill some photo requests and create memorials that I have been able to transfer to family members.  I have also had some negative experiences with Find-A-Grave this year that doesn't make me want to go and immediately all my pictures online with them.  But they are still the best game in town.

  • So the way I see it, I have 3 months to get working on these items.  Especially since January 2013 already looks crazy at work and in my personal life (what little there is!!)

    How's everyone else doing for 2012 goals??

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