17 March 2013

Irish Research & the Coughlin's

Courtesy of Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches Genealogy

I think quite a few of us with Irish roots can relate to this picture!! When I saw this I had to laugh because in the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day I picked up my Coughlin line research again and took a break and saw this on Facebook.  I laughed so hard :)  If you have not checked out Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches Genealogy on Facebook, please do so.  Always fun!!

My Irish immigrant is my great great grandfather, Daniel "Dan" Coughlin (about 1835 - between 1910-1915).  Don't know definitely where from yet.  Family lore says County Cork.  But an obituary from his brother, Thomas Coughlin (1828-1918), states he came from County Tipperary.  Still haven't tackled passenger lists yet for the two of them.  Daniel was enumerated in the 1910 US Federal Census (Black Brook, Clinton County, New York) with his daughter, Katherine "Kate" Coughlin.  I found Kate in Headstone Inscriptions: Clinton County, New York, Volume II Revised complied by Clyde M. Rabideau (Heartnut Publishing Company, Plattsburgh, NY) and on Find-A-Grave showing she had died in 1913.  Of course I have not yet found an obituary for Kate or Dan or a list of others :)

So my goal for the rest of March is to further document the Coughlin line in my database (Legacy) and hope to find more records and more answers!!!

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