01 July 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Today is "Canada Day" formerly known as "Dominion Day" for all our Canadian friends and relatives!  My mother, Sharyn Senecal Coughlin, always said Canada Day was the start of a week of fun in the North Country of New York.  Dad (Thomas Raymond Coughlin) said it was really the start of summer as school got out at the end of June.  It is also a time when Canadians and Americans do shopping on either side of the border!

In attempts to get those tourist dollars, programs are scheduled.  Here is the advertisement for activities in 1939:

Lake Placid News
June 30, 1939

I did find out the Dominion Day became Canada Day in 1982 after many decades of discussions.

So to my Canadian friends and family, Happy Canada Day!  Let the parties begin :)

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