04 February 2014

52 Ancestors: #4 Constance Ann Hall Coughlin

Timing is everything.  I had meant to schedule this post about my paternal grandmother, Constance Ann Hall Coughlin (1908-1946) while I was away.  But I had hoped to find a picture of a nurse's hat to add to the post since I had no pictures of my "Grandma Connie".  Then my 3 year old nephew and I were using my Flip-Pal (LOVE IT!!!) and we found a picture of Grandma Connie!!!

Connie Hall
Keene Valley, NY
Chandler Car - 1929

While there are some things I do know about her, there are many things I do not. I know her birth year of 1908 but not her birth date. I know she was born in Keene Valley, Essex County, New York to Earl Hall (1885-1950) and Sarah "Sadie" Otis (1878-1922).  I know of 2 sisters and 1 brother. I know she studied to be a nurse but I do not know if or how long she worked as a nurse. I do know her death date, 24 January 1946 in Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts. 

I know Grandma Connie was 14 years old when her mother died and my father was 1 1/2 years old when she died. 

I have not done much research on this line of my family but finding this picture and a few more like these are getting my excited about researching and connecting with this side of my family!

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