26 March 2014

52 Ancestors: #7 Eugene Duprey

This post is my latest contribution to the “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks” or in my case, "52 Ancestors Whenever"! Entry #7 is Eugene Duprey (1862-1946), my maternal great grandfather.

Eugene or “Etienne” was born 25 January 1862 in St Hyancinthe, Quebec to Charles Duprey and Mary Jarvis (Marie Gervais).  I know of 4 siblings, Elmer, Agnes, Ellen and Charles. The family moved from Quebec to the Black Brook, Clinton County, New York area in the late 1860’s-early 1870’s.  I am still trying determine the exact date of immigration for the family.
Eugene married Melinda Sharrow (1875-1937) on 31 December 1891 in Black Brook at St Matthew’s Catholic Church.  They had 6 children: Philip, Mamie, Anna, George, Leah and Eulalia (my grandmother).

I know he was a farmer and also did some logging.  He also owned a few properties based on the deeds in my possession

My to-do list for Eugene include:
  • add name to my order death certificate list
  • verify baptismal entry as the given name is not matching known information
  • if...no WHEN...I make my research trip to the area, research all properties owned

I am lucky to have several pictures of Eugene and here is one with his granddaughter, Constance Anne Jacobson Fisher (1941-1998):

Eugene Duprey and
Constance Anne Jacobson Fisher

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