28 March 2014

52 Ancestors: #8 Melinda Sharrow Duprey

My next entry in the “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks” Challenge also known to me as “52 Weeks in Whenever” is my maternal great grandmother, Melinda Sharrow Duprey (1875 -1937). 

I am starting to get into ancestors that I know little about or have yet to fully research.  I know Melinda was born 16 April 1875 to Alex Sharrow (1835-1882) and Delia Paquette/Pockett (1849-1923) in Au Sable Forks, Clinton County, New York.  Her known siblings include John, Lydia, Louis, George and Elizabeth “Lizzie”.

She married Eugene Duprey (1862-1936) on 31 December 1891 at St Matthew’s Catholic Church in Black Brook, Clinton County, New York.  They had six children, Philip, Mamie, Anna, George, Leah and Eulalia (my grandmother).

I know she was a crafter.  According to my mother that is where my grandmother and aunts learned to do various needlepoint crafts as well as making rugs on looms. My mother was great at crafts.  I did not get that gene :)

Melinda Sharrow Duprey

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