12 August 2014

52 Ancestors: #11 Bridget Agnes Williams Coughlin

I am up to #11 in my "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks" challenge.  I'm pacing myself .... yeah, that's it!!

This edition features my paternal great grandmother, Bridget Agnes Williams Coughlin (1883-1973).  She used Bridget or Agnes interchangeably it seems throughout the years but it is Agnes on her tombstone.  Agnes was the daughter of John Williams (1849-1928) and Mary Dewan (1854-1916).  She had 4 siblings that I have found. Born December 20, 1883 at Palmer Hill, Jay, Essex County, New York and raised in Black Brook, Clinton County, New York. Agnes married Daniel Joseph Coughlin (1877-1953) on August 22, 1905 in Lake Placid, Essex County, New York.  They had 6 children:  Bernard (1907-1980), David (1909-1984), Ann (1913-2000), Daniel (1915-1977), Mary Elizabeth aka "Betty" (1917-1998) and Thomas (1921-1945).

From the Census Summary Sheets, I was able to find Agnes in all but the 1900 Federal and 1905 New York State censuses.  As you can see she was listed as Bridget or Agnes.  She is also the reason I have started to search those hard to find relatives by their middle names (when known).  You just never know!!

Bridget Agnes Williams Coughlin
Census Summary Sheet (1880-1940)

It's the Coughlin side of the family where I lack lots of photos.  I do have this picture of Agnes and Daniel from about 1940 at the farm in Palmer Hill, Jay, Essex County, New York.

Daniel & Agnes Coughlin

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