15 November 2016

Week Three: Coughlin

"My" Week Three of Family History Month has the focus on Coughlin, my father's line. This is definitely a brickwall line. Growing up we were the only Coughlin's in the phone book in South Carolina. NOT the case in the Northeast!!

For my direct line, surnames that married into the family include:

Hall (Constance married David Coughlin)
Williams (Bridget Agnes married Daniel Coughlin)
McDonough (Anna/Annie married Daniel Coughlin)

When I add in the aunts and uncles, surnames include:

Braunstein (Eugene married Mary Elizabeth Coughlin)
Midgley (Mildred married Bernard Coughlin)
Thompson (Gerald married Ann Coughlin)
Myers (Howard married Mary Elizabeth Coughlin)
Fleming (Constance married Thomas Coughlin)
Gould (Hannah/Anna married Thomas Coughlin)
Lynch (Thomas R married Margaret Coughlin)
Healey (Edward married Sarah Coughlin)
Keigher (Edward married Elizabeth Coughlin)

When I add in cousins (of all removals), surnames include:

Russell (Mary married George Coughlin)
Conners (Charles married Marie Coughlin)
Shuler (Mildred maried George Henry Coughlin)
Ryan (Thomas G married Hannah Coughlin)
Hughes (Edward married Mary Coughlin)
Cunningham (Alfred married Agnes Theresa Healey)

This week's lesson is this line used the same names...over and over and over again!!!

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