24 October 2016

Week Two: Senecal

My week two focus for Family History Month is Senecal. Senecal is my maternal grandfather's line. When I started looking at the various surnames that married into this line, I realized that I don't have as much information as I thought. Another item for the eternal genealogy to-do list!!

For my direct line, surnames that married into the family include:

Duprey (Eulalia married Ernest Senecal)
Yelle (Georgiana married John Senecal)
Dube (Mary/Marie married John Senecal)

When I add in the uncles and aunts, surnames include:

Bola (Martha married Raymond Senecal)
Votraw (Morris married Doris Senecal)
Rushia (Samuel married Emma Senecal)
Dudley (Arthur married Emma Senecal)
Santor (Ida married Henry Senecal)
Lamb (Ethel married George Senecal)
Disco (Edward married Lillian Senecal)

When I add in cousins (of all removals), surnames include:

Kyea (Florence married Wilfred Rushia)
LaGoy (Ernest married Janette Rushia)
Myers (Eleanor married Ector Rushia)
Becker (Alyce married (J. Ernest Rushia)
Raby (Mandred married Verla Senecal)

I have to say this exercise of cataloging surnames has brought to light just how much research I really need to do to fill in the gaps!! And here I thought it would be an easy task :)

PS: Week Two is late because I "thought" I had scheduled the post. I was wrong.......

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