25 April 2019

DNA Day 2019

As more people are testing, ethnicity estimates are changing. My AncestryDNA results changed to more of what my genealogy research reflects. I first blogged about DNA Day back in 2017 at Happy National DNA Day . Now to compare the changes.

Here are the 2017 estimates:

2017 estimates:

Here are the 2019 estimates:

2019 estimates:

So now my maternal line is reflected in the estimates. So happy to see the update!!

With the AncestryDNA updates, more cousins are being added to the matches. For me, it's been more 4th-6th cousins. Still hoping for those matches that will break down a few of my brick walls. Until then, the search continues......

I checked my FamilyTree DNA results. Nothing changed with them. Still getting the Scandinavian matches. I'm sure there's a connection...somewhere in the great tree of life!!!

Happy DNA Day and come on new cousins!!

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