17 July 2019

FGS 2019 Conference or BUST

I will be going to the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Conference in August in Washington, DC. For me it will mean getting up AND out earlier than normal to make my commute into DC. And of course they have sessions scheduled at 8:00 am each day that I really want to be at!! 

This will be my first FGS Conference. I did go to the National Genealogical Society (NGS) Conference back in 2011. When it was in Charleston…..and it coinciding with my nephew’s first birthday…..so multiple tasks, one trip...worked out perfectly!!!

I did a scouting session last weekend to see where the hotel is in relation to the Woodley Park-Zoo Metro station (much closer than I realized).  And to see what restaurants are in the area for those of us who may not be doing the sponsored lunches (more than I thought there’d be!). 

I am going to do a few separate posts instead of one long one as I know what my attention span can be like at times. First up after this introduction will be on getting to the conference hotel via Metro. I have taken Metro daily for the last 16 years (17 in September). While I do not claim to know all about Metro, I will give you an overview. If you have never had to take public transportation in the DC area, an overview will be helpful. Trust me, I wish I had had one when I first started using it daily!! Second will be the restaurants. I’m already looking forward to that part!!

So I hope this series of posts will be useful to at least one of you fellow FGS-Bound attendees!!

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