24 August 2011

Wedding Wednesday

Found these photos of my parents, Thomas Raymond Coughlin and Sharyn Ann Senecal, on their wedding day, 18 April 1966 at Holy Name Church, AuSable Forks, Clinton County, New York.

And this great photo of my parents, maternal and paternal grandparents!!

Left to Right:
David Francis Coughlin (1909-1984),
Helen (Torrance) Coughlin (1910-1995),
Thomas Raymond Coughlin (1944-1998),
Sharyn Ann (Senecal) Coughlin (1945-1992),
Eulalia Mary (Duprey) Senecal (1911-1979),
Ernest John Senecal (1905-1967)

22 August 2011

Tombstone Tuesday

Paternal great grandparents, Daniel and Agnes (Williams) Coughlin. Pic from 1992 trip to the North Country of New York! Holy Name Cemetery, AuSable Forks, Clinton County, New York.

17 August 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Maternal grandparents, Ernest and Eulalia (Duprey) Senecal. Printed on a postcard. They lived in AuSable Forks, Clinton County, New York so a trip to Niagara Falls, New York would be a trip back then but doable.

Sidenote: Amazing what you find when you FINALLY start organizing :)

16 August 2011

Tombstone Tuesday

These are my paternal grandparents, David Francis Coughlin and Constance Ann (Hall) Coughlin. They are buried at Holy Name Cemetery, AuSable Forks, Clinton County, New York. Another photo from my 1992 trip....ah, to know then what I know now!!!

12 August 2011

Happy Book Lover's Day!!

I just saw where today is Book Lover's Day. As family researchers, I think we all know a thing or two about books!! As a history major, I read a great number of books. Even today all those many years later, still reading and loving it!!

So Happy Book Lover's Day ya'll!!!