15 December 2013

UPDATE - Au Sable Forks High School Baseball Team 1920-21

My paternal grandmother, Helen Torrance Coughlin, was always sending us clippings from the local papers.  I found this today while trying to find a photo. It's from the Adirondack-Post, October 18, 1975 and is the photo I posted in August 2013!!


Picture of the 1920 AuSable Forks High School Baseball team taken on the School athletic field.  Submitted by Daniel T. Manning of AuSable Forks, NY. Top row - Francis Murphy, Emmett Ryan, Thomas Manning, Chappie Rhino. Middle row - Chauncey Kenney, Riley Hamilton, Daniel T. Manning, Ernest Senecal, Clarence Votraw. Bottom - Amos Tellier. The 1920 baseball team provided their own uniforms, equipment down to the ball, bought their own letters and had their mothers sew them on. A do it yourself effort which produced some excellent ballplayers and certainly many fond memories.

Know we know who's who in the photo!  I love small town newspapers!!!
Au Sable Forks High School Baseball Team 1920-21

I always love it when I am looking for something and find something that relates to what I either just blogged about or that I am researching.

I present to you the 1920-21 Au Sable Forks High School Baseball Team:

And the Lineup included:

1920-21 AFHS Baseball Team Lineup
1.  Ernest J. Senecal     Second Base
2.  Emmett Ryan              Right Field
3.  Daniell T. Manning      Catcher
4.  Clarence Votraw        Third Base
5.  Chauncey Kinney       First Base
6.  Riley Hamilton            Left Field
7.  Francis Murphy          Center Field
8.  Thomas Manning        Short Stop
9.  Chapell Rhino             Pitcher
10. Julius Tellier               Pitcher


Ernest "Red" Senecal (1905-1967) was my maternal grandfather. A summer filled with baseball....what could be better!!

17 October 2013

Senecal - Yelle Wedding 17 October 1899

I remember seeing (or thought I had!) my maternal great grandparents marriage certificate at some point during one of my many moves but I could not find it in all my "stuff" and boxes.  Then while going thru old newspapers and advertisements yesterday I FOUND IT!!

The marriage between Master Jean Baptiste Senecal and Miss Georgina Yelle on October 17, 1899 at Notre Dame de L'Assumption Church in Redford, Clinton County, New York.  The witnesses were Henry Senecal and Irene Yelle, siblings of the bride and groom.

John Senecal-Georgiana Yelle Marriage Certificate
In possession of the Blog Mistress
Jean Baptiste or John Senecal (1872-1952) and Georgiana Yelle Senecal (1876-1946) had four children, Jean Baptiste/John Senecal (1903-1903), Ernest John Senecal (1905-1967), Raymond Octave Senecal (1908-1976) and Doris Senecal Votraw (1909-1981).

I have to laugh as the scan shows the notary seal in the upper left hand corner.  It is still as visible and textured as my notary seal is today!

As I have lots of unlabeled photos, I have few documents let alone originals.  So I am doing a little "genealogy jig" right now!!

Happy Anniversary to my great grandparents!!

12 October 2013

Coughlin - Fleming Wedding 1943

From The Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post, Au Sable Forks, NY, Thursday, October 21, 1943:


Miss Constance Irene Fleming, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Fleming, 5 Ames street [sic], Worcester, Mass., was married to Private Thomas Raymond Coughlin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Coughlin of Au Sable Forks, N.Y., Tuesday morning, October 12, in the Church of the Ascension.  Hotel Bancroft was the scene of the reception.

Miss E. M. Fleming was maid of honor for her sister and Daniel Coughlin, jr. [sic], of 22 Holland Road, Worcester, was best man for his brother.  The bride wore a street length dress of rose with navy blue accessories and carried a white prayerbook with a cover corsage of white orchids.  The maid of honor chose a powder blue silk jersey dress with a rose colored hat and navy blue accessories.  Her corsage was of red roses.

For traveling to Albany, Troy and Au Sable Forks the bride selected a solider blue suit with a matching hat and navy blue accessories.  Mrs. Coughlin will live with her parents while her husband is in service.  Private Coughlin is stationed at Fort Jackson, S.C.

This was my great uncle and father's namesake who died in 1944 (Thomas Coughlin - The Uncle).  He did not make it to their first anniversary.

 I did some checking and the church they were married in was closed by the Diocese of Worcester in 2008.  

Constance Fleming Coughlin remarried in 1947 and had 2 daughters.  She died in 2008.  She was originally from Scotland and stayed in Massachusetts from the 1930's till her death.  

Unfortunately one of the many war widows through out the ages......

03 October 2013

Connecting the Dots - My "AHA" Moment

Ever run across an obituary that lists a known relative but you can't figure out the connection? I've had the following obituary for a few years:

John Maple

John Maple, 60, was found dead in his home, Kent street Keeseville, Wednesday afternoon at 1:15 o’clock, after neighbors had reported to State Police that they had not seen him that morning as usual.  Dr. J.H. Evans was called and he stated that Mr. Maple died of a heart attack, and had been dead about 10 hours.

Only known survivors are several cousins, Mrs. Daniel Coughlin, of Palmer Hill, Mrs. George Frasier of Darby, Pa., Mrs. Frank Pattno of Plattsburgh, Pvt. Charles Williams of Camp Stonesman, Calif., and Mrs. Marie Finnessey of Schenectady.

The remains were removed to R. Prescott Company’s Undertaking Parlors.  Funeral arrangements have not been completed.

I am not actively researching this line but as both sides of the family are from the same area if I see something that mentions the line I am not working that day then I save it for future viewing.  I have looked at this obit from time to time but didn't see the connection.  The only person I knew was Mrs. Daniel Coughlin of Palmer Hill, my paternal great grandmother, Bridget Agnes Williams Coughlin (1883-1973).  

Then when I was researching something else (as is always the case) I found the connection to Mrs. Frank Pattno.  She was the former Orilla Frazier (1885-?), the daughter of my paternal 2nd great aunt, Margaret Dewan Frazier (1857-1927) sister of Agnes' mother Mary Dewan Williams (1854-1916). 

So when I accidentally clicked on John Maple's obituary last weekend, I decided to work on it.  Found a few more collateral relatives. Also solved my puzzle.  John Maple was the son of Mary and Margaret Dewan's sister Elizabeth Dewan Maple (1859-1939). EUREKA! 

I looked at the other names mentioned.  George Frazier (1893-1980) and Marie Frazier Henessey (1895-1972) were Orilla Frazier Pattno's siblings. George was still alive so not sure why "Mrs. George Frazier" was listed.  Finessey was actually Henessey but sometimes in genealogy those things happen!

Charles Williams is still my mystery.  I haven't worked much on the Williams line yet but so far no Charles has surfaced.  Just another item on the To Do List!!

The moral of the story...it pays off to look at items again after you have found other connections because the dots will be there (hopefully) and the puzzle will be solved!!

28 September 2013

Senecal-Votraw Wedding - 1936

Well September is turning out to be the WEDDING month for my family!! Here is the wedding announcement for my paternal great aunt and her husband:

The Adirondack Record
Au Sable Forks, NY
Thursday, October 1, 1936


During the celebration of a nuptial mass by Rev. James J. Gainor at Holy Name church Monday morning at 6 o’clock Miss Doris Senecal, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Senecal, became the bride of Morris Votraw, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Votraw.  The bride was attended by Miss Catherine Votraw, a sister of the groom, as bridesmaid, while the groom had as his best man Raymond Senecal, a brother of the bride.  Both the bride and groom are well known in Au Sable Forks and are extremely popular.  After a short bridal tour the young couple will make their home in this village.
Doris Senecal Votraw (1909-1981) was my grandfather's only sister.  She and her husband, Morris Votraw (1896-1979) were married for 43 years. 

Happy Anniversary!!

26 September 2013

Duprey-Durgan Wedding - 1918

From the Adirondack Record, October 4, 1918:

Miss Anna Duprey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Duprey of Swastika, and Leonard Durgan of Cadyville were united in marriage at the Holy Name church by Rev. W.A. O’Connor on Thursday, Sept. 26.  Mr. and Mrs. Durgan will reside in Cadyville.  Their many friends wish them a long and happy life.

Anna Duprey Durgan (1897-1987) was my maternal great aunt.  She and her husband, Leonard Durgan (1894-1974) were married for 56 years! 

Happy Anniversary!!

23 September 2013

All Clinton County Team - 1931

From the pages of the Plattsburgh Daily Republican on Wednesday, September 23, 1931:


Captain “Red” Senecal of the Ausable Forks baseball club volunteers to pick an All Clinton County Nine.  None of Guy’s players are on his club.  Only one Post player is on the team which is made up of mostly of Rouses Point, Ausable Forks and Lyon Mountain players.

            Here is his choice:
            J. Pessulla, Pitcher, Ausable Forks
            Weatherwax, Catcher, Rouse Point
            Pattno, First Base, Ausable Forks
            English, Second Base, Lyon Mountain
            Bergeron, Shortstop, Rouses Point
            Covalosky, Third Base, Lyon Mountain
            Roark, Center Field, Ausable Forks
            Farrell, Left Field, Lyon Mountain

            Neyrey, Right Field, Post

I had to laugh when I saw this.  It was published in the "Big City" paper and obviously my maternal grandfather, Ernest "Red" Senecal, did NOT chose "their" players.  I always love reading the old papers with their non-apologetic hometown bias!!

19 September 2013

Duprey-Willis Wedding - 1922

From the pages of The Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post dated Friday, September 22, 1922:

The Record-Post
Friday, Sept. 22, 1922

Thomas Willis, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Willis, sr., [sic] and Miss Mamie Duprey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Duprey of Swastika, were married at the Church of the Holy Name at 6:15 o’clock Tuesday morning of this week, Rev. Clarence A. Kitts officiating.  They were attended by Miss Grace Dukett of Saranac Lake and James Willis, brother of the groom.  The bride was attractively gowned in a blue suit with hat to match and carried a boquet [sic] of carnations.  Immediately after the ceremony they left for a short honeymoon which will be spent in the northern part of the state, after which they will return to Au Sable Forks.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Willis are extremely popular here and have the best wishes of many friends for a long life of happiness and prosperity.


And here is one of my favorite pictures of the happy couple who married on September 19, 1922:

Mamie Duprey Willis (1895-1978), my maternal great aunt, with her husband of 54 years, Thomas Willis (1893-1976).

Of course I had to laugh when I saw that they honeymooned in "the northern part of the state"....they were already in the northern part of the state!!!

Happy Anniversary Aunt Mamie and Uncle Tom!!

29 August 2013

50th Anniversary of Dad's Accident and THAT Tree

From the front pages of the Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post on Thursday, August 29, 1963:

Jay Youth Hurt In Car Accident

Thomas Coughlin, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Coughlin of Jay, is resting comfortably at the Champlain Valley Hospital, recovering from injuries sustained in a single car accident Sunday night on the curve on the Jay-AuSable Forks highway near the residence of Henry Lincoln, while he was driving to his home from AuSable Forks.

He fell asleep at the wheel and was alone at the time of the accident, the car leaving the highway and hitting a tree head-on.

Young Coughlin sustained a slight back injury, scalp wound, laceration of shoulder, elbow and hand. His condition at the hospital was described as good Tuesday.  He was taken to the hospital in the Zaumetzer-Sprague ambulance.

The car was a complete wreck and towed to the premises of Sid's service station at AuSable Forks.


Where to begin.  First, this "da#%^" tree.  When I visited in 1992, I heard about this tree from EVERYBODY.  Everybody. My talkative aunt, her quiet husband (at least compared to the Coughlins!!) and people I didn't know. It was hilarious!!  I have no idea if this poor tree is still standing as the area was hit hard by Hurricane Irene in August 2011 but if it is, I know several people who would still be able to point it out!!!

The ambulance company...also the local funeral home.  Didn't know they had an ambulance at one time!

Let's just say this was a wake up call of sorts for my father as he joined the Navy shortly thereafter. I heard a couple of good versions from my father, grandmother and uncle but there are still statues of limitations in place on family stories :)

Here are some photos.  I know Daddy said at one point these were from one of his car wrecks.  Not sure if these are from this accident but here they are anyway:

When I first started in genealogy I thought the fact my parents were from small towns in northern New York that I would find a lot of information.  Thanks to power of the internet and online newspapers (see Website Wednesday for my love of this!!), I am finding out all sorts of little details about my parents and relatives that I never thought I would!!

14 August 2013

Happy Birthday to Linda!

Today would have been my cousin Linda's 56th birthday.  So to Linda Jeanne Coughlin O'Hara I say "Happy Birthday" and send some winning lottery numbers down to us :)

Here's a picture of Linda reading the comics with her mother, Eola "Lee" Duprey Coughlin (1932-2004), and her sister Connie (who is rocking the red socks & boots!!!)

Happy Birthday Cuz!!

07 August 2013

Au Sable Forks High School Baseball Team 1920-21

I always love it when I am looking for something and find something that relates to what I either just blogged about or that I am researching.  

I present to you the 1920-21 Au Sable Forks High School Baseball Team:

And the Lineup included:

1920-21 AFHS Baseball Team Lineup
1.  Ernest J. Senecal     Second Base
2.  Emmett Ryan              Right Field
3.  Daniell T. Manning      Catcher
4.  Clarence Votraw        Third Base
5.  Chauncey Kinney       First Base
6.  Riley Hamilton            Left Field
7.  Francis Murphy          Center Field
8.  Thomas Manning        Short Stop
9.  Chapell Rhino             Pitcher
10. Julius Tellier               Pitcher


Ernest "Red" Senecal (1905-1967) was my maternal grandfather. A summer filled with baseball....what could be better!!

05 August 2013

Au Sable Forks Cresents - Baseball

Another "Newspaper Nugget" from the pages of the Adirondack Record, August 5, 1921:

A baseball team has recently been organized by a number of the younger Babe Ruths of the village and is known as the Crescents. The boys have played six games of which they have lost but two.  On Saturday of last week they defeated the Wilmington team by the score of 8 to 9 and on Sunday again won, their opponents being a team from Keeseville. The was 6 to 5. Following is the lineup: Dan Manning, catcher; Chauncey Kinney, 1st Base; Red Senecal, 2d base; Riley Hamilton, short stop; Clarence Votraw, 3d base; Chester Rhino, right field; Wolcott Gilmore, center field; Aubin, left field; Tellier and Chap Rhino, pitchers. A game will be played on the local field this week Saturday.

01 July 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Today is "Canada Day" formerly known as "Dominion Day" for all our Canadian friends and relatives!  My mother, Sharyn Senecal Coughlin, always said Canada Day was the start of a week of fun in the North Country of New York.  Dad (Thomas Raymond Coughlin) said it was really the start of summer as school got out at the end of June.  It is also a time when Canadians and Americans do shopping on either side of the border!

In attempts to get those tourist dollars, programs are scheduled.  Here is the advertisement for activities in 1939:

Lake Placid News
June 30, 1939

I did find out the Dominion Day became Canada Day in 1982 after many decades of discussions.

So to my Canadian friends and family, Happy Canada Day!  Let the parties begin :)

21 June 2013

Society Saturday - FRECOGS 2013 Genealogy Fair

One of the genealogy societies I belong to is FRECOGS aka Frederick County Genealogical Society.  Our last meeting of the "year" is our Genealogy Fair.  We have tables for other genealogy and historical societies and tables for topics like "Getting Started" and "Brick Walls".  It is open to all.  We had another year with a good turnout for a Saturday afternoon!

The societies that participated were:

Here are some pictures of our soiree!!

So if anyone is in the Frederick, Maryland area the second Saturday of September through June, stop by and see us!! We have refreshments!!!

07 June 2013

Double Birthday Day - Dad and Aunt Betty

Today I celebrate the birthdays of my father, Thomas Raymond Coughlin (1944-1998) and his sister, my Aunt Betty, Mary Elizabeth Coughlin Braunstein (1940-2004).

I found this photo of Aunt Betty "feeding" me.  Yeah, family gotta love 'em :)

And here's one of my father during a visit to Stone Mountain Park, Stone Mountain, Georgia in May 1995.
On the back I wrote (courtesy of my (step) paternal grandmother's, Helen Torrance Coughlin, training!!) ... "Dad - thinks he's important!"  Maybe because he fought the lawn!!

Happy Birthday Daddy and Aunt Betty!!

28 April 2013

Philip L. Duprey - Obituary

April 28, 1966

Philip L. Duprey

Philip L. Duprey, 72, of Peasleeville, died at home Wednesday evening after a long illness.

He was born in Black Brook, May 6, 1983, the son of Eugene and Linda Sharrow Duprey. He was a retired carpenter.

Mr. Duprey is survived by his wife, the former Albertine Bourdon; three sisters, Mrs. Thomas Willis of Au Sable Forks, Mrs. Leondard Durgan of Peasleeville and Mrs. Ernest Senecal of Au Sable Forks; a brother, George of Peasleeville.

The body is at the Delorme Funeral Home where calling hours will begin Thursday afternoon.  Funeral arrangements are incomplete.

May 2, 1966

Philip Duprey

Peasleeville - Funeral services for Philip Duprey, 72, of Peasleeville, were held Saturday morning in St. Patrick's Church, West Peru.  The Rev. George Phillips, pastor of the church celebrated the Requiem High Mass.

Bearers were Alden Wright, Chester Banker, Noah Bashaw, Richard Frenia, Robert Millette and Richard de Stefino.

Burial was in the church cemetery.


Philip Duprey is my maternal grand uncle.

NOTES:  His mother is listed as "Linda Sharrow Duprey" and it should be "Melinda Sharrow Duprey".  Uncle Phil died a week after my parents were married.

27 March 2013

Au Sable Forks Professional Basketball Team 1927-28

In honor of "March Madness", here is a photo of the Au Sable Forks Stars 1927-28 featuring my grandfather, Ernest "Red" Senecal.

I also found this write up on the beginning of the season:

Record-Post, November 2, 1927


Think Ad’k Circuit Should Be Success—Maurice Votraw to Coach Again This Season

Believing that an Adirondack basketball league of professionals could be a success because it would naturally create a friendly spirit of rivalry and keenest interest between the several towns in the circuit, the professional basketball quintet of Au Sable Forks expressed itself favorably inclined to the movement at a recent meeting of the member and that it would willingly join a league embracing the following:  Plattsburg, Port Henry, Plattsburg Barracks, Lake Placid, Lyon Mountain and other nearby places.

Local basketball fans feel that Au Sable Forks has still a better chance this season than last for the team has the same line-up.  This means better team-work as each player is thoroughly familiar with one and the other’s manner of playing.  The quintet should move with the perfection and smoothness that come with years of playing together for all of them are former high school stars who have fought side by side, year after year, as professionals, ever since their high school days.

The local courtsters await with much interest what action, if any, promoters of professional basketball will take on the foregoing suggestion anent the formation of an Adirondack basketball league.  What say you?

Maurice Votraw was unanimously elected captain and coach at the aforesaid meeting, an indiction of the players’ confidence in Mr. Votraw’s abilities and their own determination to uphold the proud name of Au Sable Forks in Northern New York basketball circles, knowing that the coaching of Mr. Votraw, will be an asset not to be considered lightly while his leadership, they feel, will bring the team to heights of enviable success for the season of 1927-28.

The line-up is practically the same as last year, and is as follows:
James Murphy, center
“Red” Senecal, right guard
Ray Senecal, left guard
Albert “Nip” Votraw, left forward
Francis Pattno, right forward
The team has two new members, Howard Kemp and M.J. “Pete” Robert, who are modestly content to shine as substitutes.

Last year the town team won ten out of sixteen games played, a record to be proud of. Practice will begin shortly and the players expect to be in good condition for their first game probably the latter part of this month.

I know Albert "Nip" Votraw is on the right, first row, kneeling and my paternal grandfather, Ernest "Red" Senecal is right back him.  Those are the only ones I can positively identify. (Hopeful others will be able to identify the rest!!)

I have seen "Maurice Votraw" also listed as "Morris Votraw" in some write-ups.  If it's "Morris Votraw" then he is the husband of my maternal grand aunt, Doris Senecal Votraw, sister of "Red" and Ray Senecal. 

20 March 2013

David Coughlin - Birthday

Today is the birthday of my paternal grandfather, David Francis Coughlin (1909-1984).

I found this picture of the two of us taken when I was six months old.  It was taken at my grandparents' house in Jay, Essex County, New York.  I love this picture!!

So Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

19 March 2013

Katherine Coughlin Update and MORE!

I cannot state my love for Northern New York Historical Newspapers enough.  I decided to check to see if there was any mention of my paternal great grand aunt (or 2nd great aunt if you prefer), Katherine "Katie" Coughlin's death in 1913.  I searched and found one line about her funeral.  But I had to laugh as there were also mentions for the my maternal grand aunt (Mamie Duprey Willis) and her husband (Thomas Willis)  and the second wife of my maternal great grand uncle (Mary Sawyer Duprey).


--Mrs. V. K. Moore and Mrs. Flora Hinds visited in Plattsburgh Wednesday.
--L. J. Farland spend a few days in Montreal, P.Q., the guest of his sister Mrs. Chas. Fortier, recently.
--The funeral of Miss Catherine Coughlin was held from the Holy Name church on Wednesday.
--Miss Florence Leclair has return from Montreal, P.Q.
--The many friend of Mrs. Elmer Duprey were grieved to hear of her death Sunday morning.  She leaves a husband and six children beside a host of friends to mourn her loss.  Funeral services were held from St. Mathews church, Black Brook, Tuesday morning, Father Blaigner officiating.
--Miss Mamie Duprey, who has been employed as reporter for the Adirondack Record Company, Inc., has resigned and will leave shortly for Rutland, Vt. The vacancy is {filled} by Miss Catherine Harrigan.
--Jeddie Rock and Thomas Willis left Monday for Rumford, Me., where they will be employed.

17 March 2013

Irish Research & the Coughlin's

Courtesy of Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches Genealogy

I think quite a few of us with Irish roots can relate to this picture!! When I saw this I had to laugh because in the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day I picked up my Coughlin line research again and took a break and saw this on Facebook.  I laughed so hard :)  If you have not checked out Twisted Twigs On Gnarled Branches Genealogy on Facebook, please do so.  Always fun!!

My Irish immigrant is my great great grandfather, Daniel "Dan" Coughlin (about 1835 - between 1910-1915).  Don't know definitely where from yet.  Family lore says County Cork.  But an obituary from his brother, Thomas Coughlin (1828-1918), states he came from County Tipperary.  Still haven't tackled passenger lists yet for the two of them.  Daniel was enumerated in the 1910 US Federal Census (Black Brook, Clinton County, New York) with his daughter, Katherine "Kate" Coughlin.  I found Kate in Headstone Inscriptions: Clinton County, New York, Volume II Revised complied by Clyde M. Rabideau (Heartnut Publishing Company, Plattsburgh, NY) and on Find-A-Grave showing she had died in 1913.  Of course I have not yet found an obituary for Kate or Dan or a list of others :)

So my goal for the rest of March is to further document the Coughlin line in my database (Legacy) and hope to find more records and more answers!!!

15 March 2013

Thomas Coughlin - The Uncle

The Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post
Thursday, April 5, 1945, Page 1


Pvt. Thomas Coughlin, former resident of Au Sable Forks, was reported killed in action in Germany March 15, according to a telegram received Thursday by his widow, Mrs. Constance Coughlin of Worcester, Mass., who notified his parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Daniel Coughlin of Palmer Hill.  The Record was unable to obtain definite particulars concerning Pvt. Coughlin’s army career except that he was serving in the American Rangers, an organization similar to the British Commandos, and that he enlisted or was drafted about two years ago.  He was about 23 years old.

Pvt. Coughlin was born on Palmer Hill and attended Au Sable Forks high school.  He was well known and popular with all.  He left here about two years ago to work in Worcester, Mass., in a defense plant and was married in that city about a year ago.  He served in this country about a year before being shipped overseas.

Besides his widow and parents, he is survived by three brothers, Bernard, David and Daniel Coughlin, Jr., of Worcester, Mass., and two sisters, Miss Elizabeth Coughlin of Au Sable Forks and Mrs. Gerald Thompson of Troy and also by several nephews and nieces.
This Thomas Coughlin is my paternal grand uncle and my father's namesake.  There is supposed to be a memorial in the town of Au Sable Forks, New York with the names of the war dead on it.  My dad said it was always funny to pass it and see "his" name on it!  

I do not know what happened to his wife, Constance Fleming Coughlin. I found a few leads but nothing concrete.....yet.

I do know he was living in Worcester, Massachusetts when he joined the Army.  And from the American Battle Monuments Commission I know he is buried in the Lorraine American Cemetery, St Avold, France, Plot F, Row 10, Grave 8.  If you have not had the chance to check out the American Battle Monuments Commission website for overseas internments, I highly recommend it.

25 February 2013

Au Sable Forks Basketball Team 1921-22

Life has been crazy since the start of the year (and before!!) but I am slowly getting back to my scanning project.

Here is a front and back of the 1921-22 Au Sable Forks High School Basketball team that my maternal grandfather, Ernest "Red" Senecal, played on.  I love labeled photos!!

1921-22 A.F.H.S. Basket Ball team

Chauncey Kinney   R.F.
Ernest J. Senecal   L.F.
Louis Robare   C
Clarence Votrow   (Votraw)   R.G.
Caralyle Hoyt   L.G.
Paul Ormsby   Sub.

I only know that Grandpa Red is on the last row to the left of the coach.  Not sure what happened to the rest of the team.

04 January 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today would have been the 68th birthday of my mother, Sharyn Senecal Coughlin.

I found this "note" in the "Au Sable Forks" news section (or as I like to call it "the local gossip") of The Adirondack Record-Post of January 14, 1954:

Miss Sharyn Senecal, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Senecal, celebrated her ninth birthday on Monday, January 4th with the following guests in attendance:  Lucy and Sheila Rhino, Sandy Herberts, Jennifer Votraw, Karen Nolette, Lynn and Wanda Merrifield. Games were played and delicious refreshments served.

Here is a birthday photo that may (or may not) be from above birthday party!!

It was a party weekend in the old Forks that weekend as Karen Nolette also had a party the day before:

Karen Nolette celebrated her 11th birthday Sunday afternoon with nine of her friends.  Games were played and birthday cake and ice cream were served.  Those present were: Sara Richards, Sharyn Senecal, Virginia Dubay, Mae Signor, Jennifer Votraw, Lucy Rhino, Nancy Sprague, Goldia Ferris and Jeanne Coolidge.

So to my Mom and all other Capricorns out there, Happy Birthday!!

02 January 2013

Agnes Williams Coughlin - Obituary

Plattsburgh Press-Republican
January 3, 1973
Agnes Coughlin

AU SABLE FORKS - Agnes Coughin, 89, died Tuesday at the CVPH Medical Center.
She was born Dec. 20, 1881 in New York, the daughter of John and Mary (Dawne) Williams.

Survivors include three sons, Bernard J. Coughlin of Syracuse, David F. Coughlin of Jay and Daniel E. Coughlin of Leister, Mass.; two daughters, Anne Thompson of Plattsburgh and Elizabeth Coughlin of Au Sable Forks; 16 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren.

Calling hours at the Zaumetzer-Sprague Funeral Home will be today and Thursday form 2 to 45 and 7 to 9 p.m. Funeral will be Friday at 10 a.m. from the Holy Name Church. Entombment will be in the church cemetery.
Agnes Coughlin is my paternal great grandmother.
Noticed the birth year is listed as 1881 but other sources, including tombstone, state 1883. She went by her middle name of "Agnes" and her first name was "Bridget".  Also have yet another spelling for her mother's surname that I have found as Dwan, Duane, Devan....and I'm sure there are more!!