26 November 2017

Thanksgiving 1967

I know where my parents were 50 years for Thanksgiving. At home in Jay and Au Sable Forks, New York. And below is the photo! It is of my father and grandfather with the buck my father bagged. Not the greatest photo but still a good photo!

David and Thomas Coughlin
November 1967
Jay, New York
And let's not forget the newspaper accounts:

Adirondack Record-Post
Au Sable Forks, NY
December 7, 1967

Mr. Thomas Coughlin was a lucky man. While home form his naval base on furlough he had the good fortune to shoot a fine buck. It was his first. His dad Mr. David Coughlin was with him.

Adirondack Record-Post
Au Sable Forks, NY
November 30, 1967

Tom Coughlin, who is home on leave, shot a 150-pound buck on Palmer Hill on Tuesday morning. In the party besides Tom were Dave Coughlin and Ned Hoey.

I am thinking that my grandmother, Helen Torrance Coughlin, wrote the second one and her aunt, Margaret Madden wrote the first. Grandma loved details!!!

Now I know the story of the deer head that I swore stared at me in the hallway at night 😁

25 April 2017

Happy National DNA Day!

Yes, there is really a National DNA Day!! It is promoted by National Human Genome Research Institute at NIH aka National Institutes of Health. Their focus is genetics and genomics (branch of molecular biology) but genealogists love it too!

I have had my DNA tested through Ancestry and Family Tree DNA. But to be honest, I have not had much success with connecting with any potential cousins out there. I have sent a few emails out with no responses. Those were cases where they did not have a lot posted but I was able to figure out how we are connected. I was proud of myself finding the connection with only a few people listed!! For Family Tree DNA the closest matches I have we have no idea how we are connected!! 😕

But one of the reasons I wanted to take the DNA tests were to see the ethnic breakdown. The results were more or less what I thought. I did have a larger British Isles make up than I thought. That comes from the Coughlin-Hall line for sure!

Here's the Ancestry results:

And here's Family Tree DNA:

Ancestry has me at 11% Scandinavian while Family Tree DNA has me at 3%. Yet on Family Tree DNA most of the close matches have Scandinavian names!! And 66% British Isles on Ancestry compared to 44% on Family Tree DNA.

As a close friend commented "no matter how you slice it Coughlin, you are still white toast"!!!  🍞😊

18 April 2017

Coughlin - Senecal - Wedding Announcement

Today my parents would have been married 51 years. They married on a Monday and until their deaths "Monday, Monday" by the Mamas and Papas was one of their favorite songs. Always think of them when I hear it!!

Here's the wedding announcement in the Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post from April 28, 1966:

Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post
April 28, 1966


Thomas R. Coughlin, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Coughlin of Jay and Sharyn A. Senecal, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Senecal of Au Sable Forks, were united in marriage at a nuptial mass on Monday, April 19 at 11 A.M. in Holy Name Church. Rev. John Downs officiated at the ceremony. The attendants were Allen Strong and Jessie Hoey.

The bride wore a white suit with rose accessories and the maid of honor wore a pale blue suit with beige accessories. Both Mr. Coughlin and Mr. Strong, members of the U.S. Navy, were their uniforms.

A reception was held immediately after the ceremony at the Rendezvous Diner, where a delicious dinner was enjoyed by all present.

Out of town guests included Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carte of Keeseville, Mrs. R. Plumadore of Saranac; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Nugent of Jay; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gilbo and Mrs. Grace Denton of Port Henry.

After their honeymoon, the couple left for Charleston, South Carolina, where Mr. Coughlin, a member of the U.S. Navy, is presently stationed. They will make their home at the Isle of Palms, near Charleston.

First, the wedding was actually on April 18th not the 19th. My father was not the greatest when it came to dates. He had a watch with dates and names in it. It was always fun to watch him try to remember a date and he realized he had a different watch on!! When Dad was retiring from the Navy and filling out forms, he called me and asked if Mom was home. I said no. He said "great. What's our wedding anniversary?" I said "what no watch?". I can't give the answer he gave me but suffice it to say he did get his answer. And of course like many times before and after this he said, "and don't tell Mom"!!!

I recognize most of the names except for Grace Denton. Not sure of any connection. I know Henry and Mildred Gilbo were also from Port Henry. Mildred was my father's aunt through his mother, Constance Hall Coughlin, who died when he was 2 years old.

In my recent move, I found the scrapbook Mom kept from their honeymoon. I need to photograph it soon.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad! We love and miss you both!! 💒

23 November 2016

Week Four: Hall

It's only taken me 7 weeks to get to Week 4 of Family History Month and there we are!! The focus this "week" is Hall, my paternal grandmother's line. This is a line I know very, VERY little on. My paternal grandmother, Constance Hall Coughlin, died when my father was less than 2 years old.

For my direct line, surnames that married into the family include:

Coughlin (David married Constance Hall)
Otis (Sarah "Sadie" married Earl Hall)
Johnson (Ella married Ira Hall)

When I add in the aunts and uncles, surnames include:

Gilbo (Henry married Mildred Hall)
Nichols (Harry married Cecilia "Myra" Hall)
Kinney (Elizabeth married Loren Hall)
Straight (Beatrice married Loren Hall)

When I add in cousins (of all removals), surnames include:

Huttig (Carl married Kathleen Hall)
Eldred (Ernest married Beatrice Hall)

WOW. I really don't have a lot of information on this line. Need to move this line up on my goals for 2017.

15 November 2016

Week Three: Coughlin

"My" Week Three of Family History Month has the focus on Coughlin, my father's line. This is definitely a brickwall line. Growing up we were the only Coughlin's in the phone book in South Carolina. NOT the case in the Northeast!!

For my direct line, surnames that married into the family include:

Hall (Constance married David Coughlin)
Williams (Bridget Agnes married Daniel Coughlin)
McDonough (Anna/Annie married Daniel Coughlin)

When I add in the aunts and uncles, surnames include:

Braunstein (Eugene married Mary Elizabeth Coughlin)
Midgley (Mildred married Bernard Coughlin)
Thompson (Gerald married Ann Coughlin)
Myers (Howard married Mary Elizabeth Coughlin)
Fleming (Constance married Thomas Coughlin)
Gould (Hannah/Anna married Thomas Coughlin)
Lynch (Thomas R married Margaret Coughlin)
Healey (Edward married Sarah Coughlin)
Keigher (Edward married Elizabeth Coughlin)

When I add in cousins (of all removals), surnames include:

Russell (Mary married George Coughlin)
Conners (Charles married Marie Coughlin)
Shuler (Mildred maried George Henry Coughlin)
Ryan (Thomas G married Hannah Coughlin)
Hughes (Edward married Mary Coughlin)
Cunningham (Alfred married Agnes Theresa Healey)

This week's lesson is this line used the same names...over and over and over again!!!

24 October 2016

Week Two: Senecal

My week two focus for Family History Month is Senecal. Senecal is my maternal grandfather's line. When I started looking at the various surnames that married into this line, I realized that I don't have as much information as I thought. Another item for the eternal genealogy to-do list!!

For my direct line, surnames that married into the family include:

Duprey (Eulalia married Ernest Senecal)
Yelle (Georgiana married John Senecal)
Dube (Mary/Marie married John Senecal)

When I add in the uncles and aunts, surnames include:

Bola (Martha married Raymond Senecal)
Votraw (Morris married Doris Senecal)
Rushia (Samuel married Emma Senecal)
Dudley (Arthur married Emma Senecal)
Santor (Ida married Henry Senecal)
Lamb (Ethel married George Senecal)
Disco (Edward married Lillian Senecal)

When I add in cousins (of all removals), surnames include:

Kyea (Florence married Wilfred Rushia)
LaGoy (Ernest married Janette Rushia)
Myers (Eleanor married Ector Rushia)
Becker (Alyce married (J. Ernest Rushia)
Raby (Mandred married Verla Senecal)

I have to say this exercise of cataloging surnames has brought to light just how much research I really need to do to fill in the gaps!! And here I thought it would be an easy task :)

PS: Week Two is late because I "thought" I had scheduled the post. I was wrong.......

11 October 2016

Week One: Duprey

This week is Duprey week of Family History Month. I kept going back and forth on what I wanted to write about and then it hit me, surnames. Specially surnames that have married into the line.

For my direct line, surnames that married into the family include:

Papin ditte LaChance (Josephte married Charles Dupre)
Gervais/Jarvis (Mary/Marie married Charles Dupre (son))
Sharrow/Sharron/Charron (Melinda married Eugene Duprey)

When I add in the uncles and aunts. surnames include:

Willis (Thomas married Mamie Duprey)
Bourdon (Albertine married Philip Duprey)
Paquin (Sarah married George Duprey)
Durgan (Leonard married Anna Duprey)
Jacobson (Frederick married Leah Duprey)
Dudley (Mary Ann married Elmer Duprey)
Sawyer (Mary married Elmer Duprey)
Archambault/Arshambo (Louis married Agnes Duprey)
Yelle (Clara married Antoine/Anthony/William Duprey)
Avard (Leocadie married Calixte Dupre)

When I add in cousins (of all removals), surnames include:

Franz (Ernest married Addie Duprey)
Douglas (Eva married Wilfred Duprey)
Douglas (Josephine married Wilber Duprey)
Douglas (Roger married Florence Duprey)
LaHart (Laura married Orris Duprey)
Watson (Mildred married Orris Duprey)
Taylor (Mildred married Edward Duprey)
LaRose (Marie married Chester Duprey)

Listing these names made me review this family and I have more gaps than I realized. Right now I have been focused on the descendants of Charles Dupre and Mary/Marie Jarvis/Gervais. I need to research and find out what happened to many of these family members. I would like to see if there are any more living cousins out there. I was fortunate enough to meet in person one of my mother's Duprey cousins last year. I know there are a few more out there so the cousin hunt is on!!