18 December 2012

Johnson Family Article

I love those "OMG" moments while doing research.  While looking for a article on another family line, I found this GREAT write up on my Johnson line.  Which is wonderful for me as I have not really researched this line.  There is so much information on the various siblings that at one point I had to laugh.  This type of article could only be found in a small town newspaper!!

My connection to this family is Ella Johnson Hall, my paternal 2nd great grandmother.

Published in The Record-Post, Au Sable Forks, NY, Thursday, December 18, 1930:


Father of Late Olive (Johnson) Kee Located on Farm Four Miles From Clintonville

(By George L. Brown)

The death of Mrs. Olive (Johnson) Kee at Glendale, Cal., which was announced in The Record-Post two weeks ago today, started a train of thought in our mind.  Looking back through the vista of years to the time when our memory runneth not to the contrary, there is pictured in our mind’s eye an old time country gentleman—the late George Johnson, sr., happily located on a farm which was surrounded by sylvan beauty.  The above mentioned farm was located at what has long been known as Trout Pond which is about four miles from the village of Clintonville on the Ausable River where then stood the largest charcoal iron making forge ever erected on earth.  This forge, according to figures furnished by our late lamented friend E.E. Banker who was superintendent there for 12 successive and intensely busy years, was 16 rods longs and 60 feet wide, the sides and ends of which were built of stone, the roof being of iron.  The ordinary forge in other sections of our charcoal iron making North Country contained 5 to 6 “fires” while the mammoth building at the dam on the Ausable River at Clintonville contained there times as many as the average.  In those days when “Iron was King” Clintonville was in the heyday of its industrial glory.  The Peru Steel and Iron Company employed hundreds of men at and around Clintonville, the latter village then being a ready market for any produce farmers had to sell.  Conveniently near this busy mart, George Johnson, sr., happy in having found what was the proper bent of his genius, calmly followed the even tenor of his way, content with his farm and family, his contentment recalling the words of Dryden:
Look round the habital world, how few
Know their own good, or knowing it, pursue.

The late John Wood, native of Ireland, solder in the Papineau War in Canada way back in 1837-38 and finally an Elizabethtown farmer after he and his son Robert H. Wood (now the most venerable all the year around male resident of the Essex county seat village) had purchased the late Willard F. Deming’s farm in the spring of 1868, often visited the George Johnson, sr., at his “Trout Pond” farm.  In this connection it may be added that Robert H. Wood also often visited Mr. Johnson and recalls the beautiful brook which meandered through the farm and the big house cat that caught the 8 and 10 inch speckled trout and took her “catch” to the house for cooking.  It was at the Johnson farm house that the late John Wood, our neighbor for 20 years, was stricken with paralysis way back in 1873, as a result of which he lived a cripple for 18 years, dying in 1891.

It is, however, of the large family of children of the late George Johnson, sr., that is proposed to speak at this time.

Besides Mrs. Olive (Johnson) Kee, a sketch of whom was given two weeks ago, there were the following:

Jane M. Johnson, who married the late George Wood, an older brother of Robert H. Wood.  George Wood was a Free Mason, being a member of Morning Sun Lodge way back in 1866.  As such he attended the funeral of the late Levi DeWitt Brown held February 6, 1866, the first Masonic conducted service in Elizabethtown after the organization of Adirondack Lodge No. 602, F. & A.M. in January, 1866.  George Wood and his wife eventually went to Montana where they settled.  George Wood went to the site of Butte, Montana, when there was nothing but a “shack” there.  He helped erect a sawmill and a smelting works.  Being a mechanic Mr. Wood found much to do in those pioneer days.  In fact he is credited with laying out the city of Butte.  He bought land for a reasonable price and later sold it off in lots at a material advance.  At the time of his death about 32 years ago he was said to have erected more buildings than any other man in Montana.  His wife was cheerful and helpful, backing her husband in making his life a success in the early days of Butte.  Mr. and Mrs. George Wood had three sons—Walter, George and Harry—and two daughters.  William Greer, formerly of Moriah, who married Fannie Patterson of Elizabethtown, was with George Wood in his last hours.

Mary Johnson married Charles Denton, who worked for the late William Simonds around the old Valley House in Elizabethtown.  John Johnson went west and died in Nevada.  Leander Johnson enlisted in the Union army in civil war days and is thought to have made the supreme sacrifice, as he never came back home.

Emma Johnson married the late John Thompson of Moriah who served as a solider in the Union army of the civil war and drew a pension.  He died on his Moriah farm a few years ago.

Orlando Johnson died in Port Henry a few years ago.

Loren Johnson went west and died in Phoenix, Arizona, of tuberculosis.

Levi Johnson went west and died in Montana as a result of trouble in a saw mill in pioneer days.

Ella Johnson married the late Ira Hall and in 1897 came to Elizabethtown where she continued to reside until her death a few years ago.  She is survived by three sons—Earl of Keene Valley, Jesse and Loren of Elizabethtown—and one daughter, Miss Beatrice Hall who is employed as a nurse at the Keene Valley Neighborhood House.

George Johnson of “Ti. Street,” Ticonderoga, is the only survivor of this large family of children.  He owns a good farm and has a productive apple orchard.


17 December 2012

Mystery Photo Monday

I am starting my own "Mystery Photo Monday" to see if anybody can help me identify all the unlabeled photos I have inherited!!!

In the Christmas spirit, here's a Christmas card assuming from the 1960's signed by:

Wilfred, Joyce, Todd, Scott, Michele

Any guesses :)

16 December 2012

Thomas Willis - Obituary

Thomas Willis

AU SABLE FORKS – Thomas Willis, 83, died Thursday at the Keene Valley Hospital in Keene Valley.

Mr. Willis was born April 3, 1893, the son of John and Rosan (McGinis) Willis.  He was a veteran of World War I.

Survivors include his wife Mamie (Duprey) Willis, and one brother, Frank Willis of Au Sable Forks.

Calling hours will be from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today at the Zaumetzer-Sprague Funeral Home here.  Services will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Holy Name Church here.  Burial will be in the parish cemetery.

Published in the Plattsburgh Press-Republican on Friday, December 17, 1976.

Thomas Willis was my maternal great uncle by marriage.  I remember my mother was very close to Uncle Tom and Aunt Mamie and was sad that she was unable to travel to New York for the funeral.  Of course travel then is not like travel today.

07 December 2012

Newspaper Nugget - December 7, 1942

From the pages the Plattsburgh Press-Republican, Plattsburgh, New York, Monday, December 7, 1942

AN END-AND A BEGINNING are marked by this first anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  One year of war has passed-a year in which the United States met many reverses, achieved a few major victories.  Above all else, the anniversary sees the tide turning, the United States and her allies taking the offensive, the Nazi might on the wane.  Ahead lie long months of war, with its .... heartbreak, deprivations and misery.  But ahead, too, lies certain victory.

15 November 2012

World War I - Letter from Uncle Tom

Corporal "Tom" Willis Depicts Life on the Western Front

John Murphy of Au Sable Forks, boss machine tender for the J. & J. Rogers Company, is in receipt of the following letters from Corporal Thomas Willis, who has been on the western front for a considerable spell:
Co. F, 303d Inf
A.P.O. 773, A.E.F.

Dear Friend Jack:

Just a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope this letter finds you the same.  Well, Jack, I was certainly glad to hear from you also to get the address of the boys.  I probably won't ever have the luck to run across Wilfred but I wrote him just the same.  I like it over here all right.  Of course I am not a very good Frenchman but as long as a fellow has the money he is all right.  We are in a good part of France at present; the climate is pretty warm and for the last few weeks it has rained a lot.  We do not have nice large barracks and nice spring cots over here.  We sleep in what they call billets.  The billet I sleep in is pretty comfortable.  We sleep in one side of the barn and a few rabbits and chickens and a nice little mule in the other side.  About time to get up in the morning the mule will start braying and there is no more sleep.  I have seen quite a bit of England and quite a bit of France and if Germany does not throw up her hands pretty soon I will probably see what there is left of Germany.  There is lots I would like to tell you about my trip but will wait and next summer I will be back and while we are waiting to turn a reel of muisc {sic} paper I will tell you all about it.  I will in the army one year the 22d of this month, and in that time I have had one hell of a good time and I wouldn't have missed what I have seen for anything.  There is only one trouble over here:  if you want to visit a nearby town you have to walk, but we do not mind that now.  Well Jack, how are all the fellows in the mill, and what is old "Smut" doing? I suppose he is fooling with the speed wheel every time the machine is running good.  I wish he was over here.  I would like to see him in uniform carrying a rifle and a pack.  Tell him to write to me as he owes me a letter.  I guess I will close for this time hoping to hear from you soon.  I remain,
Your friend,

05 November 2012

Eugene Duprey - Death Notice


Eugene Duprey, 85, of AuSable Forks, dropped dead at a woodlot in Swastika yesterday shortly after noon.

State police of the Keeseville substation said that death had been attributed to a heart attack.

The elderly man had accompanied a son, George, to the woodlot, state police said.

Troopers assisted in removing the body to the Quirk Brothers Funeral Home.


Published in the Plattsburgh Press-Republican on Wednesday, November 6, 1946.

Eugene is my maternal great grandfather.

I am sure there is an obituary out there; however, the newspaper I believe it would be in, The Adirondack News-Elizabethtown Post, does not have 1946 microfilmed.  (Very sad about that~~but that's a topic for another post!!)

I am still hopeful that a cousin out there may have it.  So Cousin at least once removed, if you do have the obituary, please contact me!! Thanks :)

26 October 2012

Prosper Senecal - Obituary


Prosper Senecal, 46, of Keeseville, died late Wednesday night of last week [sic] of injuries received in a car-truck collision Tuesday, October 17.

Death occurred at the Champlain Valley Hospital in Plattsburgh, where little hope for Mr. Senecal’s recovery had been entertained.

Mr. Senecal suffered internal injuries when his light truck collided with a sedan operated by Mrs. Thomas E. (Gladys) Bombard, 36, also of Keeseville.

The collision occurred at the junction of the Port Douglas and Mace Chasm Roads.

Mrs. Bombard, also injured in the accident, is confined at the Champlain Valley Hospital. Her major injuries are a knee fracture and arm lacerations.

Mr. Senecal, a native of the Town of Black Brook was born on March 19, 1912, a son of Henry and Ida (Santor) Senecal.

He is survived by his widow, the former May Rushia; one son Gary; two grandchildren, all of Keeseville.  Also surviving is one sister, Mrs. Verla Raby of Plattsburgh.

Funeral services were held Saturday morning in St. Augustine’s Church in Peru.

The Rev. William Laballee, assistant pastor, was celebrant of a High Mass of Requiem.

Bearers were Francis Norman, James Rushia, Ernest Senecal, John Douglas, Roger Senecal and Hector Rushia.

  Burial was in the church cemetery.

Prosper was my first cousin twice removed.  My maternal grandfather, Ernest Senecal, was a pall bearer.

Article was on the first page of the October 26, 1961 edition of The Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown  Post.

08 October 2012

Happy Columbus Day 2012

While looking for a Newspaper Nugget regarding Columbus Day, I came across the following in the

October 7, 1971

local news (aka GOSSIP) section of The Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post, written by my step-paternal grandmother, Helen Torrance Coughlin:

My first thought was Grandma C must have gotten her dates mixed up and it got published incorrectly.  Then I went to the trusty Google search and found out she wasn't wrong (I know~never doubt a grandmother!!).  It was in 1971, at the height of the Vietnam War, that the government decided to make as many federal holidays as possible on Monday (so glad to see where priorities where).  Public pressure changed Veterans's Day back to November 11th in 1978.

So now that we have had a history lesson today (one of the federal holidays I actually get off!!), time to go research, research and find clean clothes for work tomorrow!!

Happy Columbus Day!!!

04 October 2012

Pets & Families

Today is the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi and World Animal Day.  I have been accused (and rightly so) of  taking more photos of animals than people.  Going through old family photos, I found that taking photos of animals runs in the family!!

Here's what I found:

My grandfather, Ernest Senecal, with Polly the dog

My grandfather, Ernest Senecal, with Blondie

My mother, Sharyn Senecal Coughlin's cat Fatso est 1950's

And one of my favorites, me and Bippy the cat.  My father found Bippy outside a bar shortly after I was born and brought him home.  Since Bippy and I grew up together, I could do ANYTHING to him per my parents and he would let me. Loyalty and trust.  I think more humans should adopt that attitude these days!!

01 October 2012

2012-Fourth Quarter Goals and Status

Well, today is the first day of the fourth quarter of 2012. This year has gone by FAST!! Time to review my 2012 goals and see where I stand.

At the beginning of the Year of KISS (2012 Goals Hopes Reality), I had a few items I wanted to work on:

  • BLOG:  Try to blog at least 2-3 times a month. 

  • Didn't get to do this as I had hoped BUT have blogged more than I did the year before :)

  • BLOG:  Fine tune it the way I want.  

  • Still working on that but have started.

  • ORGANIZATION:  I have been in the "gathering" mood for years now.  Time to take stock of what I have and I still need to get. THIS WILL BE MY MAJOR FOCUS THIS YEAR!!

  • Well still the MAJOR FOCUS but have not made the headway that I had hoped to by this point.  It's amazing how the "real world" can interfere with the pursuit of genealogy!!!

  • SCANNING:  I really want to step up on this goal in this KISS year.  

  • I have made process here.  I have also attended Scanfest (hosted by AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors) in August and September.  This has really made me focus on this task if only for one Sunday afternoon a month!! Thank you Miriam for hosting!!!

  • SOCIETIES:  I belong to 2 local societies and 1 mail away society as well as NGS.  I plan to attend as many of the remaining meetings as possible.  Even though the local meetings are local focused topics for the most part, I am enjoying the fellowship of fellow genealogy addicts lovers and picking up a tip or two on my research areas.

  • I did make most of the Frederick County Genealogical Society meetings.  I really enjoy this group as they are so friendly and nice and helpful.  Trust me, I don't make the 30 mile journey just for anyone :)

  • CEMETERY PHOTOS: I have taken quite a few local photos over the past year.  I need to continue posting to Find-A-Grave as well as few other sites I have just discovered.  None of my family is from this area so hopefully someone will be able to benefit from the postings.

  • I am still taking pictures and travelling to various cemeteries.  I have been able to fulfill some photo requests and create memorials that I have been able to transfer to family members.  I have also had some negative experiences with Find-A-Grave this year that doesn't make me want to go and immediately all my pictures online with them.  But they are still the best game in town.

  • So the way I see it, I have 3 months to get working on these items.  Especially since January 2013 already looks crazy at work and in my personal life (what little there is!!)

    How's everyone else doing for 2012 goals??

    14 September 2012

    Mary Dewan Williams - Obituary

    Lake Placid News
    September 22, 1916


    Mrs. Mary Dewan Williams, wife of John Williams, born at Palmer Hill in 1854, died at her home in Lake Placid, September 14, 1916, with heart disease after an illness of two years.  Mrs. Williams was a good and kind neighbor, respected by all who knew her.  She married John Williams January 1, 1869.  Until 12 years ago, when they moved to Lake Placid, they made their home on Palmer Hill.  Mrs. Williams leaves a husband and two daughters, Mrs. George Hoag and Mrs. Daniel Coughlin of Ausable Forks, two sons,  John, Jr., and Edward, and seven grand-children, two sisters and one brother.  The funeral services were Saturday, September 16, at the St. Agnes Church, Father Savage officiating.  Burial was at Ausable Forks.

    Mary is my paternal great-great grandmother.

    Would have LOVED if the paper had named her siblings.  This is a line I am not working on actively at the moment but can't seem to get to Mary's parents.  But one brick wall at a time :)

    03 September 2012

    Newspaper Nugget - European War Is Declared

    Found this page while looking for something else.  Seventy-three years ago the news of what would become known as "World War II" hit the news stands today:

    Plattsburgh Daily Press
    Sunday, Septemmber 3, 1939

    26 August 2012

    Eugene Duprey - Picture

    Today I participated in the August 2012 Scanfest at Miriam Robbins' blog, AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors.  I was able to scan a few pictures that I hope will be blog posts.  Here's the first one!

    This is my maternal great grandfather, Eugene Duprey (1862-1946) with his team hauling lumber.  I know the picture was taken in Au Sable Forks, New York but I was hoping to find the street.

    In the right corner you can see an early model car.  My father was a car nut (classic and muscle car) so I estimated the car to be in the mid-1910's time frame.

    Then, in the upper left corner you can see the letter "W. Scott" "Dentist".  I did some digging around on my FAVORITE website, Northern New York Historical Newspapers (see my post Website Wednesday) and found that there was a Dr. Joseph W. Scott, Dentist, who began his practice in 1911.  According to an article in The Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post on March 23, 1961 celebrating Dr. Scott's 50th anniversary as a dentist, he had offices over the Meconi's store and Lois P. Meconi, Esq. and then over the second floor of the R.E. Morhouse block over the McCann's Drug Store. So I am thinking Main Street, Au Sable Forks, New York.  I could be wrong the street but not the town!!

    14 August 2012

    Happy Birthday Cousin Linda!!

    Today would have been my first cousin's, Linda Jeanne Coughlin O'Hara, 55th birthday.

    Here's the birth announcement listed in the The Adirondack-Record under "Au Sable Forks" on August 22, 1957:

    A daughter, Linda Jeanne, was born on August 14 at the Glen Falls Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Coughlin of Hudson Falls.  The new arrival is a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Coughlin of Jay and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Duprey of Silver Lake.

    Here's a picture of Linda at the age of 10:

    Linda Jeanne Coughlin - 1967

    Sadly, she lost her battle with cancer in 2000.

    So to Linda, I say "Happy Birthday" and hope you are breaking the bank in the heavens!! We miss you and love you!! We'll have one (or two) for you here on Earth!!

    02 August 2012

    Bank of Au Sable Forks - Advertisement

    I had to laugh at this advertisement from April 1926 in The Adirondack Record:

    An Account of Her Own
    The feeling of financial independence that comes to a woman having a Bank Account of her own is shown in her keener interest in life.  She can feel more certain of her plans for enjoying the smaller pleasures without being dependent upon her husband for the mony. [sic}
    Bank of Au Sable Forks
    Au Sable Forks, New York

    I did some research and found that the Bank opened on September 10, 1910 and closed on September 27, 1941.  The Bank was absorbed by the Plattsburgh National Bank, Plattsburgh, New York.

    Now the building is home to the Tahawus Lodge Center .

    25 July 2012

    George Sharrow - Obituary

    The Record-Post, Au Sable Forks, NY
    July 28, 1932

    George Sharrow

    George Sharrow, a lifelong resident of th Ausable Valley, died at this home on Forge street [sic] in this village about midnight on Monday, aged 53 years.  Mr. Sharrow was born at Black Brook, and for the past twenty-eight years was a faithful and trusted employe [sic] of the J. & J. Rogers Company.  For several years past he had been afflicted with heart trouble, and for five weeks prior to his death he was in a serious condition.  He is survived by three sons-Sharrille, Augustin and Horace; and three daughters, Mrs. Lorn Snow of this village, Rev. Sister Mary Sebastian of Port Henry, and Miss Augustine of this village.  One brother, John Sharrow of Rutland and two sisters, Mrs. E. Duprey and Mrs. O. LaHart of Forestdale aslo [sic] survive.  The funeral will be held from Holy Name church this morning at 9 o’clock.

    George Sharrow is my maternal great-great uncle.

    Below is a picture that I THINK may be George on the right.

    And if anyone knows who's on the left, let me know :)

    19 July 2012

    Bernard J. Coughlin - Obituary

    Bernard J. Coughlin

    AuSable Forks-Funeral services for Bernard J. Coughlin, 73, who died Saturday at Crouse-Irving Memorial  Hospital in Syracuse following a long illness, were held Monday at the Zaumetzer-Sprague Funeral Home in AuSable Forks.
         The Rev. Theodore Gillette, associate pastor of Holy Name Church, celebrated the mass.
         He was born in AuSable Forks May 20, 1907, the son of Daniel and Agnes (Williams) Coughlin.  He lived for many years in Worcester, Mass.
         He leaves two daughters, Mrs. Richard (Ruth) Stein of Pennsylvania and Mrs. Donald (Myrval) Ellis of Massachusetts; seven grandchildren; one brother, David Coughlin of Jay, and two sisters, Mrs. Howard (Betty) Myers and Mrs. Gerald (Ann) Thompson, both of Plattsburgh.
         Bearers were Raymond Cash, Daniel Phebus, Robert Thompson, James George, Raymond LaBombard and Wilfred Laundry.
         Burial was in the family lot in Holy Name Cemetery.

    Obituary appeared in the Plattsburgh Press-Republican on July 24, 1980.

    Bernard was my paternal great-uncle.  Below is a picture of his grave taken during my 1992 trip to the North Country.  He is buried with his parents.

    07 July 2012

    Happy Birthday Grama T!!!!

    Elizabeth "Bess" Ann Madden Torrance
    Fall 1974

    Today would have been my paternal (step) great-grandmother, Elizabeth Ann Madden Torrance's 124th birthday (1888-1985)!! "Bess" or "Grama T" to us was always fun to be around.  She helped raise my father and his siblings when my grandparents married.  My father absolutely adored her.  It was always so funny to see how he acted differently when Grama T was visiting.  Loved it!!

    I would sit and listen to her for hours talking about her experiences in the one room school house in Essex County, New York to the first time she saw a "horse-less carriage".  I so wished I would have recorded her or wrote down every word is said to me.  But hindsight right??

    One of my favorite memories of Grama T was after my grandfather, David Francis Coughlin, died and everyone was at the house in Jay.  From the kitchen door I could see my father and uncle were loudly "discussing" something in the dining room where Grama T was reading in her chair.  The next thing I know she's saying "Boys" and they both started with "but, but". She would have none of that and said "I don't want to hear it".  In unison they said "yes, ma'am" with the dejected faces of reprimanded boys.....and then she turned down her hearing aid!!!  I laughed and then quickly got out of there.

    So to Grama T I say "Happy Birthday" and hope you are enjoying a "nip" on your special day!!

    29 June 2012

    John Senecal, Sr - Obituary

    John Senecal, Senior - Obituary

    July 6, 1939

    John Senecal, Sr., long time resident of this vicinity died June 29th following an illness, resultant from advanced age. Death occurred at this home of his sister-in-law in Keeseville, where he had lived the past year.

    Mr. Senecal was a well known figure in Au Sable Forks and vicinity where he had made his home for the past eighty years.  He was born in Champlain, N.Y., on June 24th, 1849, and soon thereafter moved here.  He owned and actively managed a farm in Swastika ans was also for many years affiliated with the lumber industry.

    He is survived by two sisters [sic], Mrs. Edward Disco of Bloomingdale and Mrs. Arthur Rougeau Dudley of Black Brook; and by three sons, John, Jr., and Henry Senecal of Au Sable Forks and George Senecal of Glen Valley.  He is also survived by twenty grandchildren.

    The funeral was held at St. Matthew's Catholic church in Black Brook, Rev. Father Doyle officiating, with burial in the cemetery there.  The Misses Mary Bean, Mary Meconi and Mary Deloria, members of Holy Name choir of Au Sable Forks, sang during the service.  The bearers were six grandsons, Raymond and Ernest Senecal and Wilfred and Hector Rogeau of Au Sable Forks, Prosper Senecal of Black Brook and Edward Disco of Bloomingdale.

    [sic] should be daughters

    John Senecal, Sr. is my maternal great great grandfather.

    20 June 2012

    Wedding Wednesday - Maternal Grandparents


    From THE RECORD-POST, Au Sable Forks, NY, Thursday, June 27, 1935:

    Preceding the celebration of a nuptial mass by Rev. Father O'Brien in Holy Name church on Monday morning at 7 o'clock, the celebrant of the mass pronounced the words which made Miss Eulalia Dupray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Dupray, the bride of Ernest Senecal, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Senecal, the ceremony being witnessed by a large number of relatives and friends of the contracting couple.  The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, was attired in white satin, with hat and slippers to match, and carried a bridal bouquet of white flowers.  She was attended by her sister, Miss Leah Dupray, as bridesmaid, who was attired in pink and carried pink flowers.  The groom had as his best man his brother Raymond.  Following the church service a reception and bridal breakfast was held at the home of the bride's parents, and was attended by only immediate relatives of the happy young couple.  At the close of the reception Mr. and Mrs. Senecal left on a bridal trip to Albany and points in New England and will be absent for a week or ten days.  Upon their return they will make their home in Au Sable Forks.  The popularity of the young couple among their relatives and friends was attested by the large number of valuable gifts they received.

    13 June 2012

    Newspaper Nugget

    I thought of all my friends who have common surnames and had to laugh a little at this "nugget" I came across:

    The Record-Post
    Au Sable Forks, NY
    Thursday, June 8, 1944

    16,000 Men in Navy Answer Name Smith

         There are 16,000 sailors named Smith and 300 of them have the same first name and middle initial-so the Office of War Information has suggested that home folks spell out all middle names when addressing letters to navy men.
         An estimate that 15 per cent of overseas mail is carelessly or insufficiently addressed was made in the OWI's report on why letters from the United States take detours before reaching the boys over there.
         The Veterans' Administration joined in the plea, asking that dependents who write to that agency concerning veterans identify carefully the serviceman they are writing about.
         The master index of the Veterans' Administration now carries the names of 19 million veterans of all wars, living and dead.  They include more 100,000 Browns, 92,000 Williamses, and 88,000 Joneses.

    12 June 2012

    Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Sharrow) LaHart - Obituary

    Mrs. Elizabeth LaHart

         Solemn requiem high mass services for Mrs. Elizabeth LaHart were held last Thursday morning at St. Matthew's church, Black Brook.  The mass was celebrated by the Rev. Father Bellville, assisted by Rev. Father J.E. Doyle as deacon; Rev. Father George Brisson, sub-deacon; Rev.    Father J.J. Kelly, master of ceremonies; Rev. Father H.J. Brisson and Rev. Father Boulerice.
         Miss Mary Bean was the organist with the choir from Holy Name church consisting of Mary Meconi, Mary Deloria, Marie Lyon and Thomas Nugent.
        Pallbearers were Bert Mousseau, Mose Douglass, Earl Sharrow, August Sharrow, Ben Betters and Henry LaHart.  Internment was in the Black Brook cemetery.
        Born November 11, 1881 at Swastika, the daughter of the late Napoleon and Delia Sharrow. Mrs. LaHart had been a lifelong resident of the North Country.  Before her marriage to Oncio LaHart on April 29, 1905,
    she had worked for many years at Paul Smith's Hotel and at Loon Lake.  For many years she and her husband had conducted a tourist home at Forestdale, many out-of-town guests patronising them year after year.  Mrs. LaHart had always been a hard-worker and was held in high esteem by all who knew her.
         A shadow of gloom was spread over the hamlet of Forestdale when word was spread of her death on Tuesday, June 9, after a prolonged illness of two years.  During all theat time she had never been heard to complain and conscious to the last made all arrangements for her funeral.
         Among the out-of-town residents who attended the funeral services were Miss Josie Sicotte, Sherrington, Quebec; Mrs. Richard Worrell, Rochester; William Ellis, Lake Placid Club; Mrs. Peter LaFountatin, Indian Orchard, Maine; Augustine and August Sharrow, Brooklyn; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sharrow, Rutland, Vt., and many other relatives and friends.

    Published in The Record-Post, Au Sable Forks, NY, Thursday, June 13, 1942

    "Lizzie" was my maternal 3rd great aunt.

    The obituary states her father is "Napoleon" Sharrow but it was actually Alex Sharrow.  Napoleon PINE was Delia (Paquette/Pockett/Pacquette) Sharrow's second husband.  

    08 June 2012

    David Francis Coughlin - Obit

    Press-Republican, Plattsburgh, NY
    Monday, June 11, 1984

    David Francis Coughlin

    JAY-David Francis Coughlin, 75, died unexpectedly Friday, June 8, 1984, at Lake Placid Memorial Hospital.

    He was born in Lake Placid on March 20, 1909, the son of Daniel and Agnes (Williams) Coughlin.

    He spent most of his younger days near Palmer Hill near AuSable Forks.  For several years, he worked in a defense plant in Worchester, Mass.  He worked for many years as a salesman for Plattsburgh Electric Supply.

    Mr. Coughlin was a communicant of Holy Name Church, in AuSable Forks and was a former member of the Jay Fire Department and the AuSable Forks Board of Education.

    His first wife, the former Constance Hall of Keene Valley, died in Worchester in January 1946.  His three brothers, Bernard, Daniel and Thomas, died earlier.

    Survivors include his wife, Helen (Torrance) Coughlin; three sons, Douglas Coughlin of Hudson Falls, Thomas Coughlin of Ladson, S.C., and David Coughlin (Gilbo) of Saratoga Springs; three daughters, Mrs. Donald (Nancy) Carte of Schenectady, Miss Betty Coughlin of Oscoda, Mich., and Mrs. Robert (Alice) Plumadore of Clayburg; two sisters, Mrs. Howard (Betty) Myers and Mrs. Gerald (Ann) Thompson, both of Plattsburgh; his mother-in-law, Mrs. Beth Torrance of Jay; 17  grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

    Calling hours were held Sunday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. and will be held today from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. at the Zaumetzer-Sprague Funeral Home in AuSable Forks.

    The funeral mass will be held 10 a.m. Tuesday at Holy Name Church in AuSable Forks.

    Burial will be in the parish cemetery.

    Donations may be made in Mr. Coughlin's memory to the Holy Name Church Debt Reduction Fund.

    I remember this like it was yesterday.  My father had just retired from the Navy (20 years) and we were on a REAL vacation visiting friends and family.  We were on our way to visit my grandparents when we got the news the night before we were to be in Jay that Grandpa had died.  He was getting in a round of golf before we came.

    The Calling Hours were a shock to me.  Two days in shifts.  I remember being overwhelmed by the whole thing and the director of the funeral home, Charles "Charlie" Zaumetzer brought me back to their living area to watch TV.  I remember him telling jokes and being very nice to us.  (Of course, quite a few members of both sides of the family went through his funeral home!)

    Rest In Peace Grandpa

    07 June 2012

    Happy Birthday Daddy AND Aunt Betty

    Today would have been the joint birthday of my father, Thomas Raymond Coughlin (1944-1998) and my aunt, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Coughlin Braunstein (1940-2004).

    I always told Aunt Betty she should have asked for another present!! My father did not always remember dates (multiple stories about that!!) and one year I asked him if he had called Aunt Betty for her birthday.  He gave me the blank look and said "Oh yea that's today".  Bless his little heart :)

    Here is a photo of Aunt Betty and me in the late 1960's at Santa's Workshop, North Pole, Essex County, New York:

    Here are a few of my father:

    Me and Daddy late 1960's

    Dad washing 1948 Plymouth in 1986

    Happy Birthday Daddy and Aunt Betty!!

    04 June 2012

    Newspaper Nugget

    I have confessed my love for the Northern New York Historical Newspapers in Website Wednesday.  That love has not diminished but has increased by leaps and bounds!! Not only am I finding information about my family but what was going on in their times.  I also love the difference in writing--not so politically correct!!

    So when I see something interesting (or at least I think is interesting) I will post it under my new category "Newspaper Nugget".

    In honor of my father's Navy career (but not a Seabee) and for his friends (many of whom were Seabees), here is my first one that I noticed in the June 4, 1942 edition of The Record-Post, Au Sable Forks, New York:

    Seabees Chosen Name For New Naval Unit

    "Seabees" is the new name chosen to designate the new Naval Construction Regiments, the Navy Department announced recently.  With the name an insignia has been adopted-a flying bee, fighting mad.  On its head it sports a sailor hat.  In its forehand or leg it clutches a spitting "Tommy gun;" in its amidship hand, a wrench, and in its aft hand, a carpenter's hammer.

    For more information on the Seabees check out U. S. Naval Construction Force.  Go Navy!!

    20 May 2012

    Elmer Duprey Obituary

    Elmer Duprey

    Old Resident of Black Brook Dead

    Elmer Duprey, one of the oldest residents of Black Brook, died at his home in that community last Saturday afternoon about 5 o'clock, after a lingering illness of nearly a year.  Mr. Duprey, who was born in Canada was 73 years of age, and had spent 69 years of his life in the town of Black Brook.  He was widely known throughout Clinton and Essex counties, and had a host of friends who will regret to learn of his passing.  He is survived by five sons, Wilfred, who resides in California, Orrel of Lake Placid, Wilbur of Albany, Edward of Black Brook and Chester of Black Brook; three daughters, Mrs. Addie Frange of California, Mrs. Florence Douglass of Black Brook and another daughter residing in Detroit.  One brother Eugene of this village, and a sister, Mrs. Ellen Stebbin of Brooklyn also survive him.  The funeral was held from St. Matthew's church, Black Brook, on Monday at 9 o'clock, and was largely attended.  Interment was in St. Matthew's cemetery.

    THE RECORD-POST, Au Sable Forks, NY, May 24, 1934, Page 4

    (Elmer is my maternal great-great uncle)

    15 May 2012

    Happy Birthday Grandma Coughlin!

    Today is my paternal step-grandmother's birthday.  Helen (Torrance) Coughlin (1910-1995) was born May 10, 1910 to Walter Torrance and Elizabeth (Madden) Torrance in Upper Jay, Essex County, New York.  "Grandma C" was an English teacher for many years.  I use to hate seeing my letters returned from Grandma with corrections to my elementary school grammar (of course in red ink!!!).

    I have many fond memories of my grandmother.  She would write long letters, which my family called "the Book", where she would update my parents on the gossip of the area.  My parents would look at each and ask "Who is she talking about?" as neither knew the person.  But we looked forward to getting them as that was the way we were updated on our family before the age of internet and cheap calls.

    One of the best things my grandmother did was write on the back of photos or as my father would say "there's a story on the back again!".  I'm not sure who got all of her photos after her death but who ever has them as a treasure chest of information at their fingers!

    Here's a photo of Grandma, my mother and me in front of a golf and country club in Goose Creek, Berkeley County, South Carolina in 1970.  I'm sure they were probably visiting us on their way to Florida from New York so my grandfather could play golf in the winter!!

    And her "story":

    So Happy Birthday Grandma!!

    14 April 2012

    Society Saturday - Frederick County Genealogical Society

    Today is the April meeting of the Frederick County (MD) Genealogical Society or FRECOGS as we say.  It is a small to medium group that meets on the second Saturday of the month (except July and August).

    I decided to join after one meeting.  I do not have family in Maryland and I do not live in Frederick County (yet!) but I immediately felt welcomed.  I am learning more about the county and more importantly, the members.  Everyone has been so nice and they answer all questions, big and small!

    So if anyone has Frederick County, Maryland family, check us out! The website is www.frecogs.com.

    11 April 2012

    Baltimore Fun with Thomas MacEntee

    Under the category of "better late than never", I am finally getting around to writing about my last event in the whirlwind that was the month of March!! (Only to get the office "bug" and be down for Easter)

    On March 30th I finally got to hear the one and only Thomas MacEntee of High-Definition Genealogy and GeneaBloggers fame in person at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, Maryland.  His presentation was "New Horizons for Genealogists" including sessions on Facebook and Social Networking.  He was fanastic....of course!!   I was familiar with the topics but did learn a few tricks along the way.

    I saw a few familiar faces in the crowd including a few members of the Frederick County Genealogical Society (way to go Nancy & Wanda!).  Also got to see Russ Worthington of A Worthington Weblog again (whom I met at Fairfax Fun the week before!).  And finally got to meet a Twitter buddy, Angela Raji-Walton of My Ancestor's Name and African Roots Podcast.  I believe this is the best part of attending genealogy events...meeting new people or putting a face to an online connection.

    I also have to give a big shout out to Jeff Korman and staff of the Maryland Department of the Enoch Pratt Free Library for putting on the event.  It was their 10th annual Genealogy Lecture (but the first one I knew about!!) and I hope to be back next year.  They provided us with a nice notepad and pen (and cookies & drinks).   Boy there have been events that I wished had done this!!

    Jeff Korman and Thomas MacEntee

    Some of the highlights included lunch at G & A Restaurant.  It's a local landmark that brings back a lot of memories of a small diner and the food was excellent!!  (And lunching with librarians Jeff & Janet wasn't bad either!!) There was a drawing at the end of the presentation and guess who won something...ME!! Since I didn't win the record Mega Millions lottery the night before, I guess Thomas' Legacy Family Tree webinar "Navigating the 1940 U.S. Census" is the next best thing!!!

    Oh and the branch location was the Southeast Anchor Library at the corner of ...

    30 March 2012

    "Gene Card"

    I've been meaning to post about my "gene card" but keep forgetting!! Since I had to print up a few more, I thought I'd post what mine looks like (front & back).  It saves someone from trying to read my writing :)

    28 March 2012

    Delia Pockett/Pacquette Sharrow Pine -Obituary

    The death of Mrs. Delia Sharrow Pine, aged 75 years, occurred at her home on Forge street on Wednesday morning of last week, the immediate cause of her death being stomach trouble.  The deceased was born in Canada, coming to Au Sable Forks with her parents when but eight years of age, where she has always resided.  She was a devout Catholic and highly respected by all.  The funeral was held from the Church of the Holy Name on Friday, Rev. Clarence A. Kitts officiating, interment being in the Black Brook cemetery.  The deceased is survived by six children:  Louis Sharrow of Clintonville; George Sharrow, Au Sable Forks; John Sharrow, Rutland, Vt., and Mrs. Levi Betters, Mrs. Eugene Duprey and Mrs. Oncio LaHart of Au Sable Forks, to whom the sympathy of the community is extended.

    Under "Au Sable Forks News" in The Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post, Thursday, April 5, 1923, Page 3.

    Delia was my maternal great great grandmother.  More to come on her....as soon as I find it!!

    27 March 2012

    Tombstone Tuesday - New Blog

    I decided to create a new blog dedicated to the cemetery trips I have been taking here in the Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia area.  I want to keep this blog for family related "stuff".  The new blog, Denise's Cemetery Journeys, will showcase the local cemeteries and non-family graves I have been finding for the last year or so.

    So if you have a chance, check it out!!