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My name is Denise and this is my journey through the ancestors! By day, I am a paralegal and by night and weekends, a searching genealogist want-a-be, cemetery photographer and "jill of all trades".

My blog will serve as my research notebook collecting my thoughts on various ancestors, the latest genealogy news and whatever else I deem as genealogy important!!

This journey started as questions while a youngster and became a serious hobby in 1992. Of course LIFE has interrupted my journey more times than naught. BUT I still continue on the paths this journey is taking me!!

Please feel free to comment on a post or contact me. I look forward to continuing this journey with other genealogy addicts!!

Email address: mistressofblog@gmail.com
Email address: decfamily314@gmail.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/dengenjourney

Google+ Denise Coughlin

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