05 December 2011

Motivation Monday

Well I am FINALLY getting around to listing my monthly genealogy goals after reading Stephanie's Corn and Cotton: My Family's Story and Terri's Finding Our Ancestors today. I am motivated!! (Or maybe terrified if I actually publicly WRITE my to-do's I might actually have to do them!!)

I also follow a few other bloggers who put it out for the rest of to see and get inspired.  There is Tonia's Tonia's Roots, Tina's Gen Wish List and Dee's Ancestrally Challenged.

Thank you all for inspiring me.  Now to the LIST.  Since this month is busier than normal with holiday functions, I am starting with baby steps!!

  1. Blog at least 3 times this month  
  2. Sort the pictures in my GOLDMINE
  3. Start scanning pictures
  4. Entry data into my Legacy program
  5. Start plotting out next year's goals :)
Well there it is. December 2011 goals.  Now to actually to start them!!!


  1. Denise, Glad that you joined Steph and I and thanks for the shout out as well. Your goals are not so bad, you can do them. We will be here to support you!

  2. Those are fabulous goals! Maybe I should add a link up to the post so that we can all keep track of them. Hmm... check back. I will if I can figure out how! :) Great goals - you can do it!

  3. I added a linky app! Please pop back over and link up your post to it so that everyone can find it. :)

  4. Like the idea of monthly goals - during 2011 I planned goals for the year and then broke them down quarterly. I think a monthly reminder might help me get through them in a more focused manner. I also noticed you use Legacy. I would really like to learn more about how actual users work with it. I do watch the webinars, have seen the CDs and read the manual. All good but I would like to share with others who use it day in and day out. I am hoping Google+ hangouts might be good for that. Also wondering if a monthly Google+ hangout might work for keeping a group motivated? Thoughts - or can I join your club?

  5. Tessa, I think a G+ hangout could be a great idea to chat about our goals and keeping each other motivated. And, a huge welcome to our club!