07 August 2013

Au Sable Forks High School Baseball Team 1920-21

I always love it when I am looking for something and find something that relates to what I either just blogged about or that I am researching.  

I present to you the 1920-21 Au Sable Forks High School Baseball Team:

And the Lineup included:

1920-21 AFHS Baseball Team Lineup
1.  Ernest J. Senecal     Second Base
2.  Emmett Ryan              Right Field
3.  Daniell T. Manning      Catcher
4.  Clarence Votraw        Third Base
5.  Chauncey Kinney       First Base
6.  Riley Hamilton            Left Field
7.  Francis Murphy          Center Field
8.  Thomas Manning        Short Stop
9.  Chapell Rhino             Pitcher
10. Julius Tellier               Pitcher


Ernest "Red" Senecal (1905-1967) was my maternal grandfather. A summer filled with baseball....what could be better!!

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