06 January 2014

2014 The Year of Challenges and Basics

It's 2014 already.  Where did 2013 go!!

I have decided to accept the "Challenge" of Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small and blog about an ancestor a week.  In her post Challenge: 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, Amy (like the rest of us!) wants to blog more and regularly so she is challenging everyone to write (blog, journal, email) about a specific ancestor. It can be stories, photos, research problems but focus on one ancestor.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze of Olive Tree Genealogy also a challenge for us.  She is embarking on Challenge: 52 Weeks of Writing Our Memories.  This week is "Kindergarten Days".  So she wants us to dig deep into memory banks to see if we can remember the who, what, where, how of those innocent days.

I have decided on 2 mantras this year: "Challenge" and "Basics". This is the year I want to simplify my life in all areas.  I hope that by accepting the first challenge that I will then move on the next one! Also, I need to get back to the basics. So time to review what's in my life and what's going!

So 2014....here I come!!

Image Courtesy of  Stuart Miles

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