08 January 2014

52 Weeks of Sharing Memories - Kindergarten Days

The first Challenge in Lorine McGinnis Schulze's of Olive Tree Genealogy "52 Weeks of Sharing Memories" is "Kindergarten Days".

I went to a private school kindergarten at Deer Park Baptist School in North Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina.  At the time kindergarten was optional so not all public schools had a kindergarten class.  The nearest public kindergarten to us was in a not so great part of town so private school for me.  I only went there for one year.

I remember that the school was attached to the church and we entered on the right side.  We had several school plays.  I remember one for Thanksgiving and found this picture.

I also remember that we had a "graduation" and my father wore a tie.  My father never wore ties so I knew it was a special occasion!  And see, I graduated!!!

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  1. Thanks for taking part Denise! love the photo of you as an Indian (princess no doubt!) :-)

    How cute that you were issued graduaation certificates. Thanks for participating in writing your memoirs.