01 October 2016

Happy Family History Month 2016!

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October is Family History Month in the United States.

I am going to consider this a "New Year" of sorts. As I have done...basically NOTHING this year as far as researching or posting about my family, I will start anew. My goal is to post at least once week about each of my grandparents lines. So my schedule will be:

Week of October 2:    Duprey
Week of October 9:    Senecal
Week of October 16:  Hall
Week of October 23:  Coughlin

I admit I will be starting with the family line I know the most about at this point, Duprey. The last 2 weeks will be the hard ones for me as I know little about my father's side of the family really. I have some names and places but few photos or stories. 

So this month I encourage you to start working on your family trees if you have not already. Start going through those old photos and if you are lucky enough to have older relatives around ask them if they remember when some of those photos were taken. You might find out something new!!

So Happy Family History Month!! And have fun!!

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  1. Happy Family History Month! It is motivating to see what other genealogists are doing to commemorate the month. Good luck with your posts.