11 October 2016

Week One: Duprey

This week is Duprey week of Family History Month. I kept going back and forth on what I wanted to write about and then it hit me, surnames. Specially surnames that have married into the line.

For my direct line, surnames that married into the family include:

Papin ditte LaChance (Josephte married Charles Dupre)
Gervais/Jarvis (Mary/Marie married Charles Dupre (son))
Sharrow/Sharron/Charron (Melinda married Eugene Duprey)

When I add in the uncles and aunts. surnames include:

Willis (Thomas married Mamie Duprey)
Bourdon (Albertine married Philip Duprey)
Paquin (Sarah married George Duprey)
Durgan (Leonard married Anna Duprey)
Jacobson (Frederick married Leah Duprey)
Dudley (Mary Ann married Elmer Duprey)
Sawyer (Mary married Elmer Duprey)
Archambault/Arshambo (Louis married Agnes Duprey)
Yelle (Clara married Antoine/Anthony/William Duprey)
Avard (Leocadie married Calixte Dupre)

When I add in cousins (of all removals), surnames include:

Franz (Ernest married Addie Duprey)
Douglas (Eva married Wilfred Duprey)
Douglas (Josephine married Wilber Duprey)
Douglas (Roger married Florence Duprey)
LaHart (Laura married Orris Duprey)
Watson (Mildred married Orris Duprey)
Taylor (Mildred married Edward Duprey)
LaRose (Marie married Chester Duprey)

Listing these names made me review this family and I have more gaps than I realized. Right now I have been focused on the descendants of Charles Dupre and Mary/Marie Jarvis/Gervais. I need to research and find out what happened to many of these family members. I would like to see if there are any more living cousins out there. I was fortunate enough to meet in person one of my mother's Duprey cousins last year. I know there are a few more out there so the cousin hunt is on!!

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